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Basic Info
Full Name: Howl Jenkins Pendragon
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5 (10/18/2014)
Birthplace: Minnesota
At A Glance
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Profile of Howl: Details
A studly gentleman for all who look upon him. A strong and well build male, Howl is a well constructed soldier. Taller then the average male he carries his size with confidence. His base coat is rich milk chocolate. Black fur covers parts of his face, ears, and goes down his back to his tail. Dark grey fur covers his chest, feet, and under part of his tail. It also accents his nose and eyes. Three faded claw marks cascade over his right eye. His eyes are a sliver grey, similar to the color of fire ashes.

Color reference only does not include build or age
Howl is a skilled fighter with many years of experience, this also transferring into his hunting abilities. He has a strong sense of confidence and self-esteem despite past hardships. He still remains a true gentleman to most, especially to ladies. Often referring to unknown females as Miss, or Madam. Not one afraid to speak to females, Howl is often a gentle flirt. Known in his past to "eat hearts" due to his flirtatious demeanor and promiscuity. Not against the idea of settling down for the right reasons he waits for just the right girl... or girls. He strives to be a valid member of the pack. Patrolling the borders and keeping those closest to him safe. Though not yet an official father, Howl would strive to be the best father on the planet for his children.

Inspiration : Howl from Howl's Moving Castle
Howl was raised and encouraged to be a soldier. The area where he was born was surrounded by many war packs, that his family had to constantly fight off. His pack moved multiple times trying to start over and free themselves from these packs. Along the way, Howl meet many wolves. Howl had relations with many females but always had to move before anything serious formed. With so many wars the pack's numbers began to dwindle. Howl's parents urged him to leave before he became one of the casualties. Howl argued and refused them for a long time before giving in and leaving.

| One day while wonder by a lake Howl encountered an older female named Heartha that he quickly took a liking to. Quickly building a relationship with her and following her back to her pack, Morningside. | Howl became the alpha's, Grayday's, right-hand man, and after learning of Heartha's pregnancy he did all he could to better the pack. Including recruiting Pema who would become the pack's medic. | But when Heartha had complications during her labor, she and all of their children died before him. He lashed out with anger and grief soon leaving Morningside. | He wandered around for a short time before joining Easthollow, an ally of Morningside, in an attempt to regain himself. | In an attempt to fill his void he began relationships with multiple women. Not wanting to lose another person he loved he thought he could keep them all and in the end, ended up losing all of them. | He wondered from Easthollow and left Teekon but has sense returned.
Pack History
Current Mate(s) : This could be you ;)

Past Mate(s) : Heartha

Female Engagements : Miyako/Snowe , Aviana, Shandra, Awinita, Hyacinth, Brynn, Others

Children : Faye, Unknown
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