Profile of Malakai: Quick Facts
Played By: Vami
Basic Info
Full Name: Malakai Michael Redhawk
Nickname: Kai, Mal, M&M
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year (5.18.23)
Birthplace: Wheeling Gull Isle
Voice: Imperius, of Diablo
Theme: Click
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Profile of Malakai: Details

Medium sized wolf with an athletic build, following the structure of his mother. He is coated in shades of silvers and gray, as a templar of shining armor. He harbors the Blackthorn dorsal stripe passed through the generations via his mother. Paws permanently muddied (dark red-brown) which he will grow to state is from the many miles he will walk spreading the word of God. He has full heterochromia, his right eye of the Moon and left eye of the Sun. A hard gaze, critical and calculating. As he grows, he will come to move with a confidence, head high, tail always arced up and looks down at others past the length of his muzzle.

Born onto an island of good-hearted wolves and young, devoted parents. With God as their livelihood, held highest before all others, the islanders sing and praise and worship their king, safe from the strife, wars and filth of those of the mainland. The children of Sweetharbor are safe and at peace. Then, Malakai grows and his eyes are opened to the world beyond the peace of little his island home. Witnessing the fall of his parents (by the death of one and abandonment after continual mistakes of another) and ruin of his family has further fueled his bitterness and anger. He knows first-paw what inviting evil into your home and letting doubt in God will do.

As the crusaders long before him, Malakai grows up with the goal (and obsession) to be the "Messenger of God" which is the Hebrew meaning of his name. Law-abiding citizen, protector of the innocent and all things just. Protective to the point of overbearing towards those he loves, though his arrogance and "holier than thou" attitude (old testament vibes) only goes to show he loves no one above himself - other than God, of course. Kai wears the mask of a perfect knight in shinning armor, though truly is a cruel & selfish man. Will attempt to convert all pagans, infidels, heathens & non-believers. He strives to be feared & worshipped loved by all - to be the perfect son, the most devout & closest to God's divine image.

Mentor: Nakano

Father: Caracal
Mothers: Heda
Brothers: Simeon & Judah
Sisters: Dinah
Adopted Siblings: Ava, Tzedeq, Abel & Ana

Pack History

Born onto the island of Wheeling Gull, dubbed Sweetharbor, by mother Heda and the seed of father, Caracal. For a time, it is just his parents and siblings and it is peaceful. The arrival of four 'new siblings' causes Kai to dig further into questions of what God does to protect those he loves from evil and sin. Kai believes his adopted siblings a product of an evil being, for abandoning her pups, and believes their 'deformities' are an indication of this. Time will tell if God will save their souls.

Chaos breaks the sanctity which is Sweetharbor. Heda takes her pups from the island after a fight with her mate, some pups gone missing, one of the "evil siblings" attacks a member, Heda and the pups return to their father dead & Judas gone. Very quickly (& all at only 5 months old) Malakai goes from a very large family to being completely abandoned. The only one which remains is Nakano, who becomes Kai's mentor and very much the only reason why Malakai survives his childhood.

5.18.23 - 1.23.24
**though disband, Malakai still resides on the Wheeling Gull Island which he still refers as Sweetharbor.
Profile of Malakai: Additional Information
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Art by Ruka (avatar) MarkLix (bottom) & Neoma (relations).
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