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All Welcome  October 18, 2018, 07:16 PM

✴                While hunting for traces of his missing littermate, Revui had come across a small path that seemed too precarious for his growing body to follow. It took some doing, and a few times he made the mistake of looking down and summoning vertigo, but he crossed along the narrow ledge until he found a wide corridor cleaved in the side of the mountain; here he found more space, and he followed the crevice until it opened to a yawn of stone and space. He crept inside with some care, unsure of what he'd find, and learned quickly of the natural incline within the hollow. He had to stoop against the soil in order to stop from falling over, but once he'd gone a few feet it leveled out somewhat. There were shafts of light illuminating sections of stonework, which itself was layered with minerals and seemed to glitter. Patches of snow littered the ground where it was raised enough to catch it, but otherwise it was like any other cavern—just, very exposed.

Oddly, he thought he smelled the familiar musk of his family's scent within it. The path hadn't appeared well-used, and took some care to traverse which the larger of the wolves would not be able to do, even with their fleet footwork; so he assumed he had found the path of his missing sister. Revui became more insistent with his investigation; he found that the soil was soft here, and it looked to have been disturbed recently. With a slight panic setting in, Revui began to dig—and dig—and soon was unearthing fresh bones and clusters of old herbs, things that couldn't be food but confused him all the same. The bones weren't canine but in his frenzy he didn't care, and kept on digging.