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Although it was still terribly flat, Easthollow's territory certainly was beautiful. Alya was enjoying the task of mapping out every inch of it, but she still couldn't help but stop every time she caught sight of the standing stones. They were just as beautiful as the rest of the territory, but they left Alya with a strange, cold feeling in the pit of her stomach. As much as they complimented their surroundings, she couldn't help but feel they didn't belong in this world.

Regardless, she was having a good time. The Ostrega woman could see herself staying here for some time. The meadows were wide and sweeping and the trees seemed to stand together just so, and at sunset the whole valley blazed and it was like living inside of a bright, sparkling flower. Best of all, Nikai was always around for her to hang out with, and that almost made up for the absence of her sisters.

Thinking about her family still made her feel a bit sad and panicky, but Hydra and Lyra would visit, and then she and Nikai would go and see her parents at some point as well. So everything was fine.

She was still hoping to get familiar with a few more faces in order to really get settled, here. It wasn't like Moonspear, where Alya had really only worried about her family. Easthollow seemed to take in all sorts and put them on the same level, and it was something that Alya could already tell would take some getting used to. So as she ranged about the territory that day, she kept an eye out for a friendly packmate to harrass.

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January 27, 2019, 02:51 AM
It was never unusual to see the grey-scaled wolf travel along the borders of Easthollow. She had picked up more frequent patrols ever since the cougar attack. This time her nose led her further into the territory. A new scent, although not strange or out of place. It carried Easthollow's along with the male she encountered earlier, Nikai's scent.

Since Ira was nearby she decided she would at least make the effort to introduce herself. If this newcomer was with Valette's son then chances were they would be around for a while and she should actually learn their name. She paced, following the scent as it grew fresher until another wolf came into view up ahead. Dark in color and slim, her eyes trained the new face to try and commit it to memory.

The mountain wolf let out a boof as a greeting, approaching slowly as to not startle the other girl, her stance showing no reason for her to fret. Hello there, you are new to Easthollow? Her scent suggested her joining, but Ira phrased it as a question to leave room for the other wolf to correct her if needed.

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