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and maybe someone she hasn’t seen in a while — @Silas, @Tzila, @Aeliana?

Olive was not a mother to quell her children’s innate desire to explore. Even when they were younger than they are now, merely a few weeks old, she would not stop them to crawling towards the mouth of the den and a few feet beyond it. They were safe amongst the willows, surrounded by seraphim, and Olive was fairly certain that nothing would happen to them. Of course, it was the same mode of thinking that had allowed Oaxaca’s attack and subsequent death to happen, but she let her babies explore. This was a different time. A different litter. A different pack.

Now her three sons were nearly a week shy of a month old, and they were no longer completely helpless beings. Before, once they had breeched the den’s threshold, they usually became frightened and called for one of their three mothers to come retrieve them. They did this no longer — now, they explored. If she turned her head for a single moment, it would be certain that one boy (likely Sundance, followed by Reif) would be running off. She trusted the safety of Elysium but she did not not like any of her boys to be out of eyeshot, so eventually they said goodbye to the crowded birthing den and moved above ground almost permanently.

The druid liked this better anyways, rather than being confined by 4 earthen walls and low light. Sometimes they even slept up here, between the draping willows and underneath the stars.

Ariel and Seabreeze were off doing something, probably making out and romancing somewhere, which left Olive with the children for the day. It felt like a day made for fun, so the misted druid turned to face her young trio and suggested an adventure.  
“Come,” the mother bade them, knowing they could not, in good consciousness, refuse. It was not in the way little boys operated, and she loved to give them something to be excited about. Silvery Sunday, caramel-colored Reif and Sweet Atwood, the color of chocolate. She loved them all dearly. Gazing at them fondly, she smiled and turned on her heels to head in the direction away from the den.  “Let’s go see Mommy’s garden.” She started a short, sloppy run, hoping to incite a race.
May 23, 2019, 03:00 AM
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"Come," Sundance's mother instructed, and at once he was attentive. A soft ear pressed forward at the sound of her voice and his baby blue eyes turned upward to look upon her smile, seek her olive gaze. He pulled himself onto inexperienced paws in his sudden desire to be closer to her, but she turned away and loped in the opposite direction before he attempted to step toward her.

He took off at a stride quicker than he intended, which made him stumble and probably collide into his nearest brother (sorry @Atwood), though he collected himself to carry on as though he didn't just knock the darkest of his siblings onto the groud. He padded on after his dam with a new urgency and a joyful swing in his scruffy little tail to accompany the excited yips that announced his approach - wait for me!

May 24, 2019, 12:40 PM
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The large wolfess walked through the territory as she returned from patrol at the territory’s border. Though Elysium had an open border, it was still patrolled, she aimed to become a Guardian with knowledge over a battlefield, a Tactician who knows how to fight.  Not only that but she was getting better at hunting, she started with the small game she could be able to catch and she had been working her way up. She really yearned for a pack hunt, she had never been in one and it would be so cool, but with the pups, they couldn’t go. She had grown much during her time out here…

Her fur had shedded quite a bit, she was still big height, but her Spring pelt gave her a much slimmer look. As she made her way to the dens to relax, she saw Olive with one of the pups, trying to bait them into a chase. They haven't talked in a bit, she had been usually off doing her own thing and vice versa.

She smiles and walks over to them, Greetings, Olive. Playing with the pups?
May 25, 2019, 02:02 PM
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as soon as he'd first seen outside he'd become transfixed by it; exploration seems to occupy the entirety of his still developing brain. olive in her encouragement of this trait has given him a sense of boldness, small and hidden though it is, and so he does not hesitate when she beckons them to her side to visit the garden. of course he does not know what a garden is -- what does it matter!

his own steps forward are halted by sundance's rather rude intrusion, hip checking him to the ground. he goes down with a wail, vocal in his defeats, but sundance's cheerful yips reanimate him. after some struggle he returns to his feet and continues to waddle forward, not picking up on the concept of racing, only to stop once more as a stranger intrudes on their small gathering. his boldness is self-contained to his family; shyly, he withdraws back, seeking shelter behind @Reif to see what unfolds.
July 07, 2019, 03:58 AM
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Fading here.

The chase is liberating, yet his energy wanes swiftly. Sundance failed to catch up to his mother, naturally, but he did not falter with disappointment. Instead he loped on through the willows, following her stride to the best of his ability despite the ache of his inexperienced muscles.

She finally eased to pause, allowing the youngster to wiggle happily through her fine limbs as he mouthed her pale furs affectionately, until his stormy blue gaze shifted to observe a stranger's approach. He blinked up at this new adult, uncertain but not afraid, though he remained safely beneath his dam's form as he listened to their exchange.

When he grew tired of their conversation that he was unable to understand, Sundance padded away in the direction of his brothers to engage in a new game.