Meadowlark Prairie Lovely and provocative butcher paper silhouettes of slavery era self-mutilation
All Welcome  January 15, 2020, 08:04 PM
Coyote, Dragomir thought as he inspected a set of tracks in the prairie snow. He craned his neck to study the distribution of the tracks, comparing them to his own pattern as he strode along. Based on how the left hind print always seemed to brush over the snow in an uneven fashion, Dragomir guessed that the coyote was injured. Maybe it was an old wound that left a lasting limp, or maybe it was a new injury.

Either way, the young Moonspear male could take advantage of it. He bent low to sweep his tongue across one of the paw prints, but sensed no blood hidden in the snow there. Probably not a new injury unless it was something internal, but he was only guessing. Pricking his ears with interest, the young male began to follow the tracks as the sun disappeared behind a midday cloud.

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January 16, 2020, 03:15 PM
She decided to take a walk.
Someway east, trailing some deer tracks. 
The land was snow-caped. Winds brushing up whirls of frost which pelted her in the face with sharp daggers.
So she camped in a dip for a bit, knowing these tracks went too far for the Nightwalkers to hunt. But it was nice to get into the open for a while.
Soon, the wind stopped and she was left with stillness. Almost completely.

Another tracker, adjacent to her location. She rose, chuffing loudly so the hunter could hear her from the distance. She trotted forward, her tail swaying softly, inhaling the scent as she neared; Moonspear.
She offered a smile, knowing he was tracking and careful of her step.
"What's your prey?"

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