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@Reverie visited with swiftcurrent, ensconcing herself into its embrace. moss, @Arric, akavir, jakoul — he learned only to quietly track where she had gone rather than lose his head about where she was not.
it hurt then, the shock of blood to her scent one day, and how he had followed it and followed it only to find she had run away, not to him.
and of course lestan understood but he did not, it was a reflection of what he had felt before, some grinding force over this event too soon and too sudden to do anything more than hurt, it felt.
the last time, when she had come to pain and agony in their space, then gone to sought akavir, lestan had only sat helplessly and watched her wince away. vowing not to follow. not to hover.
she did not need him. what she needed he — well, he could not offer, it seemed. he wanted desperately to know what it was.
instead stiffened legs lifted him like an automaton into a masculine overhaul that was not actually his lot: provision. if he could not be the one to which she came, he could be the one which brought strength another way.
a quick howl; a hope she would know he meant to come back. 
blood for blood.
the hunter melted into the undergrowth, grieving and unsure what to do with it save for channel the selfish pinch of pain into something worthwhile. he suspected @Akavir would understand this sentiment best of all. it felt like cowardice to leave now, but what else could he give? more grief? more tears? he wanted more. and so he would ensure that more arrived.
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