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After his talk with Xahi, the boy felt a little better about the situation. Now he just had to find Lennon.
The boy trailed his scent, only a little hesitant in his approach when he found the other. Ali chuffed softly at his lover, moving closer and sweeping his tail along Lennon's legs. He was worried that the situation had taken a toll on his peace-loving companion.
Is everything alright? Alarian murmured softly, gentle gaze focused on Lennon as he tried to meet his eyes.
February 25, 2018, 10:01 PM
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Things were...off. For the mediator to snap was an unsettling situation - he was stunned at himself. But more so Xahi. Her therapeutic like ways were but an illusion for she has the self control of a pup. All his anger vanished when he saw that Alarian was safe by his side. His relief forced the wolf to push his head into the smaller ones fur, absorbing his touch. ”No,” He said, candidly. Things were the opposite of alright, but he knew such attitude would only worsen that situation. ”But it’ll pass, it always does.” The hickory boy insisted, placing his eyes upon the other’s with hope.