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All Welcome  March 21, 2018, 11:47 PM
Every good sunny day with a little more light than the one before it was what she wanted. A few relatively mild days had recently put her in equally mild spirits, which was hopeful for any looking to steal their way into her company. With all of her tested patience and might, she was waiting for spring's warmth and greenery.. her puppies, however, might not be. She had to wonder as she looked around at a new fresh coat of snow that had fallen overnight while the familiar strain of these later weeks crept distinctly through her. The moon had already waned away to nothing but a few nights ago, too.

Amekaze pinned back her ears and tiredly went on her way. It was afternoon by now but she had slept through as much of the snow flurries as she could. By now, it was over with, and @Charon wasn't immediately within reach so she wandered sluggishly on down to the creek for a pee and a drink—a good enough start.

But none of this, this continued snow and cold, was very helpful to her cause as she finally drew to a stop beside the small trickle of a stream. Winter’s feel was lingering and frankly, it pissed her off; mood plummeted fast the more she took in and it set in. Her thinly furred underbelly was annoyingly chilly already and bitterness grew on her while she surveyed her snow-coated nearby with a frown. She may as well see what she could go eat to distract herself from being mad about the weather today; she eventually resigned, turning to trace the creek at a mosey towards a nearby cache that she wasn’t too excited about, but needing distraction more than anything.

They had never had their puppies so early, and she was anticipating their first few weeks carefully by now. Summer simply suited her better in all manner of ways, and pup-rearing would be no different. She could feel her skin prickle at the thought of them opening their eyes to a world so cold, dead, and drab—like she had, once, arriving on one of the shortest, bitterest days of the year even.

But so it had been, and despite the time of the year of their arrival, she would see to it that the wolves she raised here were sharp, cunning, and strong. Seeing her other, older offspring fit and beautiful, gave her plenty to look forward to—once they were here, grown, and settled into their own. That was always her favorite part.

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