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Private  September 15, 2018, 05:47 PM
The Melonii
some pp, let me know if its not ok <3
backdated to the 10th
No matter how much @Delight might protest, Alarian insists on being by his side as often as he can get away with; he hasn't gotten sick yet, and he spends nearly all his time treating his packmates, so maybe he's immune or something. Despite all the time he spends with him, he won't talk to Delight about the poppy seed incident, or Zamael just yet — he can't, so he avoids the subjects as if his life depends on it. There are other issues to focus on anyway; everyone is sick and there are a bunch of damn cats everywhere.
He's not thinking about any of those things, thankfully, as he slowly stirs to consciousness. It's still too early for the sun to rise, but he's already fairly awake. He glances over at Delight; he has to keep some distance from him as they sleep, but he's far too worried about his lover to sleep anywhere else. Some part of him worries constantly that any moment he'll slip away — whether his condition reflects that or not. He creeps closer lazily, burying his face in Delight's scruff for a few beats. He lingers near even after he pulls away, yawning, and marvels at how fragile his partner looks in his sleep; it's a bittersweet feeling, knowing he'll try and fail to protect his delicate dark boy for as long as he's allowed — knowing he's failing already.