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Lone Wolves

Back-dated a month or so because I'm awful. Piper's just looking for clues to find Lucas.

The girl had passed the mountains after a great deal of effort and time only to find herself looking upon a vast expanse of wilderness that she'd never imagined to have existed. Her eyes roamed the dappling of trees and the stretch of open fields that gave way to hills and water, and great stone structures. Beyond the stretch of flatter terrain was another jutting set of mountains that seemed to spike some alarm in the young girl. She wasn't certain that she would have been able to find her way over another. It was far enough away that she pushed it from her mind for the time being and made her way down and near to the closest set of woods.

Once she had drawn up to the borders, she noted the sharp scents that barricaded the rest of the world off from the pack in the wood. Her eyes gave way her fearful emotions as she tiptoed around the corners of the territory, hoping to remain as quiet as she possibly could. The Redleaf girl feared asking for help from the types of wolves who would mark their borders so ominously. After some time, her fears were swallowed by her weary little heart, and she thought only of her brother as she drew her head back and called for someone to meet her.
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Blackfeather Woods
        a call rises from the borders and wintersbane, already close, makes his way to answer it with a stir of curiosity beneath his breast. hostility has taken root there — he's always been territorial but the latest events only appeared to have nurtured this — only to soothe once he shrugs through the dark branches, slipping out of the darkest shadows with disregard as his glacial gaze falls upon the one who called. she may be dressed in fires like the woman that had escaped from them — could've been her daughter, easily — but she is young. still a child. wintersbane isn't good at telling specific ages by sight alone but he doubts she's even seen her first birthday yet.

        his posture relaxes as he draws nearer, salmon pink tongue swiping across his jowls. the dark brother initiate knows that there are protocols and he is meant to be the big bad wolf that haunts the shadows of nightmares to children and adults alike but ...but as an aspiring cubsitter that just doesn't sit well with him. and she's obviously nervous ( if not frightened ). part of him thinks she is wise to be scared, uneasy: she is alone on the doorstep of one of the oldest and most ill-reputed pack in these wilds.

        hello, the tundrian breaks the silence, smoky voice taking a softer tone. a tone he used with tywyll and oft uses with astara — unless she's trying to munch his ear off, 'course. then he gets a bit snippy about it — a tone meant to be non-threatening. despite what may say otherwise the girl is in no danger from him. wintersbane allows the pause to continue here, unsure of what he wants to say. a few things come to mind but after a quick analysis he assumes that everything that flitted to his mind might only make her more nervous.

        why have you called? he asks instead, non-accusingly. he asks it simply out of curiosity ...because this situation was, undoubtedly, curious.

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and that was the thing about him.
he kept on surviving
with bullet holes in his lungs
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