Jade Fern Grove along the path we lost our way
All Welcome  January 14, 2019, 11:27 AM
There was an absence in Easthollow which worried the boy: he hadn’t seen @Keen in over a week, and her scent had begun to grow stale.

If this had been Arlette, he might have chalked her absence up to exploring. He often found the trail of his paler sister leading out of the territory - but Keen was not like Arlette; she was not like other wolves. Even the frailest breeze seemed to rattle her, so much that he often wondered if she would ever find the footing to leave Easthollow at all. He hoped he was wrong, but to strike out without word or warning now was not like her, and  he couldn’t help but worry that something must be wrong.

After all, his father, too, had disappeared, and maybe that is what spurred him so quickly now. Merrit would let the same happen to Keen.

He tracked the faint trace of her lingering trail to the shadows of the grove on the other side of the meadow, where thick branches bled into the darkness of the night. “Keen!” his voice stole through the silence, clinging to the air in a wisp of foggy breath. She had been here, he was sure, but was she here anymore? “Keen!” he tried to discern shadow from shadow, “It’s your brother, Merrit! Where are you?”

9 hours ago
After resting up a bit, Nikai was ready to explore the territories surrounding Easthollow a bit. He'd get to his own pack territory later, to see if everything was still in one place, but he would love to see the surroundings a bit. He'd stuck to Easthollow or explored really far mostly when he lived here before, but now he wanted to get to know the territories surrounding it better too.

As he was exploring the grove nearby that night he suddenly heard a voice calling out a familiar name -- Keen. Nikai's heart skipped a beat as he thought of Keoni for it had been her nickname, only to remember what Valette had said the day they had joined... Keen was one of her daughters from last year's litter, named after Keoni. Though a little disappointed it wasn't his sister risen from death, Nikai decided to check it out anyway. After all, it was likely one of her siblings or another pack mate that was calling for her.

The answer presented itself as Nikai closed in on the calling -- Merrit, her brother. At first only his speckles and green eyes would be visible to Merrit as he approached and chuffed to announce his presence as he came to a halt on his three legs. Hello? It's not Keen here, but your brother Nikai. Nikai didn't know if Valette would've told them about him, but he presumed they at least knew his name, if not from before then from after he had joined. Hopefully he wouldn't startle Merrit too much out here in the darkness.