Spotted Eagle Mountain and you pray with your knees on the ground
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eventually he left the red sea that was the canyon. the unfamiliar soil beneath his toes was replaced by the imperfections of the mountain range. nehaleni did not tread with him here. no luck was needed in a  on these rocky slopes. he could confidently traverse through them. 

and confident he was. so much so that he climbed higher and higher. the summer heat was beneath him, now he could feel the wind’s familiar chill.
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It was so strange up here. The sight was odd, of old fire that once licked these lands barren of life - it was something she had never seen before. The large birds of prey that she spotted every now and then were intimidating. Their large claws were surely strong enough to easily puncture flesh, maybe even carry Reiko away herself if she wasn't careful!

She kept low, trying to make sure she always had cover somehow from the skies, trying not to stand out from above more so than she already did being a stark white against the ground. It was strange... she thought for sure there would be snow up here. it was cold enough. Her heart grew heavy learning that snow evaded her still, she had hoped somewhere would have some even at this time of the season.

Then she saw it. The familiar white! Excitement grew in her belly and immediately she sprung forward, quickly catching up to the stranger with a smile. Ahoy! She stopped, trying not to invade too much of the stranger's space just still clearly excited to see them for no apparent reason. Do you also like the cold? That's why I'm here, I was hoping for snow... but I found really big birds instead! Scary looking things.

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