Greatwater Lake Didn't I sing all wrong? Acadia is gone
October 11, 2019, 10:49 PM
@Nirali here we go! :D

Merrit was a very long way from home, if that was even a place he could call home anymore.

The late evening sun streamed like lazy fingers between the reaching branches of the evergreen trees, and filled the forest with a gilded glow. Deep shadows stole every surface the sunlight couldn't touch, to bathe the land in the dramatic conflict of clinging day and coming night. Ethereal, and tragically beautiful, if Merrit had been paying any attention to anything other than the surface of the lake.

The waters offered a dim reflection of the world about him - the long shadows of the trees, the golden hue of the evening sky, and the mountains he had crossed to reach this place. But his eyes focused on the skewed mimicry of his face between the ripples of the lake. Dark, and familiar. He had longed for this face, once. Had waited to see him return. And then he had sworn to never become him.

But when Merrit stared into the waters now, it could have been Stark who blinked back at him.

And his stomach churned. What had he done?