Emberwood canine teeth and aspen eyes guard the wood
January 12, 2020, 09:01 AM
Lone Wolves

requesting a thread with @Kukulkan if you're interested? :3

        The bard was conflicted with his heart, yearning like a calf for her mater's milk; there was a preventional vanguard composed of futile responsibility and guilt. The poor, pitiful failed son could go no where! He was left to be entranced by fickle aspens, watched with a tenacity that made him wary, to gaze upon the stemming, brittle fingers of the tall aspen in sorrow rendering no appreciation for its beautifiul nature — !  
        What pitiful patriarch he would prove to be. More than once, the reckless boy had strayed off from his home to fiddle and flirt with a beautiful and flitting fae, more than once had he concerened himself with affairs that were not his own. The attracting heat the presided in the air of the congress of wolves only contributed to his troubles. His first heat, and he was to suffer through it and remain a sly virgin for another year.  

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common & german 
currently without memories, has a huge head scar of a four pointed star
on left side of head and one lip scar under left eye.

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