Northstar Vale Local Bride Has to Admit It’d Be Pretty Exciting If Someone Objected at Wedding
Read Only  January 16, 2020, 12:24 AM

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        As discussed with @Melkor, all miscellanies would remain with the Court. Had there been no such famine, their quarry would have remained within their realm indefinitely; self-righteously.
        The dried meats, though  –  hung for two days since the red wedding  –  the half entire would be ported en route to the Diasporan Hollow and unto everwinter @Takiyok and @Mahler. To one, to either, would her message so deliver through the voice of @Star:

        As per our alliance, it is my hope to better establish our domains' accord by offering ze half of this elk. I fear that I am unable to attend to such a granting myself, and have sent my huntress in my own stead. Please, accept this venison as a token of our fellowship, and may ze spring come swift to your Hollow, and your hunts be sure.
        Of course ... she has the faith that the argent Mavroimë is more than able to convey such in her own unique manner of speaking.

        All the same, though:  with the matron, she sends along young @Rowan  (wondering how he might revel in this little experience)  and offers both the attendance of inkwell @Cupid. Churning; heartflip;
        it is to the borders that Undómiel sees the trio off upon, with well-wishes upon her tongue and some pale smile crescenting thin, shorn lips. Lamplit eve bruises to ashes, purples to black; and she meanders, looks long after her courtlings have ventured from gauzy, mussed halfsights;
        returns, in time, to the arms of her tundrian and the solace of his self, aquiver.