Welcome to the infinite black skies
All Welcome  May 17, 2019, 05:01 PM
AW! Tag is for reference. Happening at the same time as this thread

@Stigmata had taken over pup duty for a little while, giving Taki some much needed time to herself. She loved her children more than she had ever loved anything, but it was nice to have a few moments free of sharp puppy teeth and and all the other demands that went with being a mother. 

She made her way to the lake and stopped just as her front paws made contact with cool liquid. The weather was still chilly for most, but this was warm when compared to what she was used to. Without much thought, she launched herself forward into the water, swimming out until her feet no longer touched the sandy lake bed. She swam around for a few minutes, reveling in the way the chilly water felt once it seeped down past her undercoat and touched her skin. 

When she had had her fill of swimming, she headed back to the shore, shaking out her snowy coat once she was on land again. Tufts of undercoat flew out in all directions before being carried off by the soft breeze, and when she had removed as much excess water from her fur as she could, she reclined next to the lake, drawing her tongue over the damp fur of her front legs.