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Leta had been resting when she caught the sight of a rabbit hopping along. Her stomach rumbled, and the girl was on her feet in seconds to try and catch it. She gave chase for a little while, but the rabbit zig-zagged in patterns that were quite clever. Leta was not as hungry as the rest of the pack for their feeding her, but she wanted to try and help them as best as she could. This plump one would be a nice thank-you snack for her father, if she could catch it. 

So she did not give up, though she felt she was failing as it dashed and gained more distance away from her.
November 20, 2019, 10:55 PM
@Leta Mind if we forward date this? I'd love to have an aunt/niece bonding thread!

Nanook saw the young girl from a distance away, and felt the sharp pang of hunger when her copper eyes fell upon the prey she pursued. The chase seemed unevenly tipped; an untrained youth against the wiles of a rabbit. The creature would not hurt Leta, but its pace would no doubt exhaust and disorient her. Yet Nanook did not move; though her belly protested, she crouched with the gentle thought of patience; she had faced greater famine before, and the child would need to learn.

Her niece was fervent in her steps, at least, but much less trained, much slower, than Valette. Nanook could see the space between Leta and the rabbit expand by the second, and soon the mercenary rose, and stretched once before she sprung into a sprint, and shot in the direction of the rabbit's path. Still too far away to catch the little bugger herself, but perhaps close enough to scare the prey back toward Leta. Normally she wouldn't have intercepted -- how would a child learn to be self-sufficient, if they did not experience failure? -- but their family was too hard pressed for Nanook to wish for that lesson now.

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December 03, 2019, 03:08 PM
Something... something changed!

Leta's hazel eyes widened in surprise as she saw her aunt emerge from the place she had concealed herself, and this in of itself was almost enough for Leta to abandon her then-goal. But suddenly it was coming toward her again, and oh! Oh it was so close! Leta resumed her pursuit, long-legged, gangly gait steady enough for her to... to...

She bit the spine, shook—

Flash of black. Flash of acidic yellow, and in the black of its horrible, depthless center, she herself... what was she doing there? What was this feeling that seized her so?

Terror, it was terror, and Leta could not hear her own muffled scream as she violently shook the critter that was long-dead, by now, her hind-limbs failing her as she collapsed onto her hinds. All of fifteen seconds this lasted before Leta came too, confounded, eyes drifting over the blood that speckled the earth before her. She released the animal, gasping. I... did it? She could not remember, nor did recall the memories that had replayed either. Only unease lingered, but she did not know why.