Hideaway Strath Whatever You’re Thinking About
April 07, 2021, 07:20 PM
Kynareth Deagon
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Grandmaster*
Setting: Evening — 18:45
Weather: Sunset, very slight breeze, clear skies
Tagging: @Whrist

Kyn remembers looking out of the den while Simmik, his wife, is birthing his children and seeing the black wraith lingering outside the den just like the rest of them. His eyes had flicked to her dark pelaged form and noticed that she’d gotten slightly bigger than before. For a second he panicked. Then his mind went to what he had selfishly done while the midnight wolf was in the deep of her heat. 

Fuck. Is all he had thought. He had to investigate further. At that point he had turned back to Simmik and assisted her in every way he could. 

Now though, a few days after all that, he needs to see Whrist. So he dutifully follows her scent, not wanting to send a howl through the entire territory with her name on it. It only takes him about an hour to fully catch onto her beautiful scent. He trails her and finally has her in his sights where the scent is strongest. 

Sidling closer to her, a natural, genuine smile comes to his face. Despite the anxiety, he still loves seeing her. He still loves being on top of her, he still so insanely attracted to her. So he calls out to her in a purr.

“Whrist, sweetheart.” Comes his smooth voice. “How are you? Haven't been avoiding me have you?” The question is only a jest, but truly he wants to make sure she really hasn’t been. He values her company after all and wouldn’t want to end whatever is between them.