Profile of Arbiter: Quick Facts

Basic Info
Full Name: Arbiter Dokuga
AKA: Treason
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf (C.l. occidentalis)
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (Jan. 13, 2017)
Birthplace: Elsewhere
At A Glance
A large white brick of a wolf. A black hood wraps her head, fading to grey on her neck, another black mark wraps around her shoulders. She's the owner of a pair of striking cyan eyes.
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Profile of Arbiter: Details
[Image: c9gx1nq.png]
Large +

Solid, muscular

Lawful Evil

Claudia Black as Aeryn Sun (Farscape)

Eyes -  #9afbff

Pristine white with a v-shaped black mark that crosses from one shoulder to the other. Her face looks as if she was wearing a hood, wrapping her nose, eyes, and ears in black, the shade fading to grey then white at the start of her neck. The tip of her tail is black. Her eyes are a shade of bright but pale cyan. She's a very large wolf who filled out to be particularly imposing figure.
[Image: moywM7X.jpg]
Comprised primarily of sarcasm and a distinct lack of other humor. Stubborn, coldly logical, probably irritated at something. Doesn't dwell on the past unless it involves holding a grudge forever. Slow-burning fuse, explosive when it burns down.

Prone to bluntly examining people without guilt or shame. Prone to scheming, likely has plans. Often unemotional and seemingly unfriendly. Unusual sense of humor.
Her life before entering the Teekon Wilds might as well not even exist. If pressed, she will refuse to answer.

Since arriving around her first birthday, she spent some time wandering around the Wilds, exploring what the land might offer. Eventually she met up Terance, Rannoch & co, who were leaving Moonspear to go make their own pack. Having nothing better to do, she joined up.

Treason has had quite the knack for showing up when trouble rears its head, and was present for many of the troubles that the pack had in its early days, and even ended up possessing a piece of helicopter from the BWP that she still keeps stashed with her. When scarcity of prey caused the pack to ponder relocation, Treason started heading off on her own to hunt for herself, pondering departing the pack to look for greener pastures.

However, on mentioning this to Terance, he put things in motion to get her a semi-unofficial promotion that would come with more recognition and responsibility that she wanted. Later, when it turned out Wraen was not going to accompany the pack, this set in motion Treason's promotion to Beta when they moved to the Hollow.

Rannoch was injured soon after they moved to the Hollow, causing Terance to be promoted to Alpha. Arbiter chose him to be the father of her first litter, eventually becoming mates mid-way through her pregnancy. She gave birth to three pups, initially named Ash, Hood, and Jet. Rannoch, Liffey, and their family unexpectedly left the pack, and the numbers dwindled, though Arbiter stepped up as alpha alongside Terance.

Then the famine hit. Eventually it decided that they were going to relocate north to hopefully find a place that hadn't been as heavily hunted, settling in Noctisardor Bypass under the name of Legion. But things were not entirely over. Terance stepped down from leadership, then soon disappeared with Pike in tow. After searching and waiting for over a month, Arbiter finally accepted that he wasn't returning, and started looking to repair her plans -- including locating a new mate.
Pack History
PARENTS · Devil & Victory

2019 x Terance · Pike , Brouhaha , Spook
2020 x Kaertok · Beetle, Grub, Slug

2016 · Law , two others
2017 · Agent , ???
2018 · Edge, three or four others
2019 · Briar , one or two others

Arbiter's siblings are up for adoption, just PM for additional details! Non-linked names or unknowns are available. Please read notes below regarding names.

Alive · Missing · Dead

[Image: CCbmG7S.png]
LOST CREEK HOLLOW March 3, 2018 to Nov. 28, 2019 (Formerly SUNSPIRE)
        · Iota, Theta, Delta, Gamma
        · Beta - Oct. 15, 2018 to June 6, 2019
        · Alpha/Leader - June 6, 2019 - November 28, 2019

LEGION Nov. 28, 2019 to present
        · Pledged

Mercenary - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (awarded 7/10/18)
        Guardian - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (awarded 1/21/19)
        Guardian Mastery - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
        Warrior - 1
        Tactician - 1
Profile of Arbiter: Additional Information
Arbiter's siblings are up for adoption! Read the below, then contact me for more information. I would prefer if adopted Dokugas be medium to long term characters if possible! Bonus points if they join Legion. The only restriction is if you want to play her littermate, the only available slot is for a male. Other than that, if you want to play one that is a year older, they will personally know Arbiter, and those a year younger will not (but would have heard of her antics while in the pack).

The Dokuga family pack is militaristic, so Legion will be pretty familiar atmosphere aside from the fact that Arbiter has explicitly carved out an option for those who maybe aren't into fighting at all. The Dokuga ideal is Lawful Evil, however the Lawful part of that is more important -- a strongly Chaotic character will fare far worse than a Good character.

The Dokuga naming tradition is for each wolf to go through at least three given names: an initial identification name, one or more childhood names (sometimes demeaning) that may or may not hint at their adult name, and a final adult name that is supposed to be closely tied to who they are as a person (personality, interests, etc) and is seen as the final step to adulthood. Adult names are generally given anywhere between 6 months to 1.5 years depending on the maturity of the youth in question -- the wolf that does the equivalent of getting a job during high school would get their name sooner than the 25 year old playing video games in the parents' basement. These are generally given by the parent of the Dokuga bloodline, though if they're unavailable, another relative might step in with a suggestion. Name changes after adulthood are very rare -- it would likely take huge trauma and/or a significant personality shift. Sometimes wolves that join the family through mateship will adopt a name that fits with this naming method, but it isn't required.

Names are never a normal proper noun/human name, but any other singular noun is usually good. If a Dokuga tells you their name, it should be very obvious how they might relate to it: Arbiter judges everyone, Devil is a monster, Victory is an excellent warrior (adopted name), Briar bites and works with plants, Warlock tends to superstition and otherworldly things, etc.
Attached Accounts
Arbiter is often not a nice person and will think mean things without acting on them.
If you aren't sure whether her snarky thoughts might be readable, just ask!  IC≠OOC
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