Hoshor Plains And accept it that soon you'll be drenched to the bone
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With Ira (presumably) tended to, Speedy set out to search for Evergreen. She had heard that he suffered a head wound in the collapsing of the entrance of the caves, and she worried about the extent of the damage. Head wounds could be worse than they initially appeared and without having assessed that injury and any others he may have, her mind raced with all of the possible problems that might be awaiting her. The fact that he was still alive was good, though, and she hoped that meant his injuries were weren't too serious. 

As with Ira, the healer hoped to find the Count resting and not pushing himself, especially with a head wound that no one had looked at. She knew the pressures of being a leader during such uncertain times must make it hard to take it easy, but without her usual collection of herbs at her disposal, rest might be the most important thing for them.
November 23, 2019, 12:17 AM
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The world felt like a blur long after the accident. Eve is off. He hadn’t been himself when Thistle died and he lost his eye, but this is something else. Words slur, speech a frustrating thing even more-so than it usually is. And he feels like… something is going on whenever he sees the look of concern in someone’s eyes.

He heaves a sigh, staying put for now despite the urge to keep looking for the rest of Kaistleoki’s members. His head still aches. The throbbing enough to cripple him into the floor and shy from the light of the sun. He doesn’t hear Speedy’s approach, doesn’t make note of it until he hears @Winterbourne’s gentle warning and greeting.

Nonetheless, his body jumps, jarring his head into a dizzy spell, and the bear tucks his head down. He tries to move his left paw over his muzzle, but it seems his limbs have a mind of their own.
November 24, 2019, 12:10 PM
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cameo, you can both pp him helping as needed, & mista can pp him answering questions if necessary <3 otherwise he'll just stand back & watch
He hasn't been able to bring himself to let Evergreen out of his sight since he and Tobias had found him trapped with Ira, though he tries to give him some space at times. He's too terrified of losing him, of not being there for his last moments if he does
No, no, no. His mouth finds his foreleg discreetly, front teeth catching on the patchy fur there and ripping it out in small chunks; a bad habit, he knows, but he hasn't been able to shake it since Evergreen went missing. His front legs are ugly, all scarred from when he'd hurt himself, and now hairless and red and raw in patches, but he tries not to think about it too much. When he thinks about it, he can't help wondering if Evergreen will still like him when he notices, and then he wonders if Evergreen will ever be present enough to notice again, and then —
No! He squeezes his eyes shut, frustrated with himself — but thankfully, something interrupts his thoughts. Someone is coming, he realizes. Speedy. He's on his feet quickly, moving to Evergreen's side to warn him softly of the healer's arrival. She appears only a few moments later, and he greets her quietly, surprised by the flicker of hope she brings with her. If anyone can help Evergreen right now, it would be a healer.
December 31, 2019, 07:14 PM
Speedy placed her sparse bundle of herbs on the ground as she came closer to the pair. Her eyes were first drawn to Winterbourne's legs, the patches of red, bald, scabby skin causing concern to twist her expression. Her gaze lingered there only briefly, though, as the Count's condition quickly took precedence. She would make sure to speak with Winterbourne about his wounds later, after she had tended to Evergreen. She smiled warmly at the leader's companion and then moved to stand over the Count. Hey, Evergreen. How do you feel? the healer started gently. Do you feel nauseous or dizzy? Are you able to stand and walk around? Have you been able to eat anything? She listed off the most important questions first, needing to assess the extent of his condition before knowing how to treat him. She could probably manage most of his symptoms with the herbs she still had left, but a lot of his healing would just require time. She tried not to worry about the fact that both leaders would be incapacitated by their injuries for a while, instead looking over the Count's face with concern as she waited for him to answer her questions.