Sequoia Coast was there ever a trap to match the trap of love?
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the wildling was troubled, and the winds that beat against the stone and kEkeD through the damp caves did very little to ease his mind. he had set out on a path outside of the sound. his eyes had turned toward the looming cliffs one last time before he made a trail for himself and began to follow the twisting path in his mind’s eye. the length of his limbs carried him carefully over rocky landscape and across stretching fields. he had healed well since the fight. the help that he had received from erzulie and cadeau had been good for him. the only thing that remained was the jagged scar where his wound had been.
with a heavy sigh, illidan drew his crown upward and peered out across the sea. the sharp glint of his yellow gaze seemed to be swallowed up in the vast ocean waters. he wondered just how far they might stretch, or if they had been the ones to find the very edge of the earth. surely, there was nothing left but the swell and the slice of land that they existed on. it helped to ease his mind if he believed things like this, even if he knew they were likely to be untrue.
when the waters had grown tiresome on his mind, illidan turned his back to them and moved inland a short ways. it was there that he found a small cropping of trees. breathing in the scent of them, he did not detect another presence there. with the movement of a lean jungle cat, he moved into the wooded area and breathed deeply in the aroma of the wild woods. birds called out over his head before taking flight through the boughs and vanishing into the dismal grey that stretched overhead.
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Dragoncrest Cliffs
        Aure wasn't eager to acknowledge Illidan in the slightest, as seeing him brought back a surge of guilt at what she'd screamed at him. But most of what she said had been true to her; and then she remembered who else was in Illidan's clan, and with a thinning of her scarred lips, she dismissed him and continued on with her foraging. If those from the Sound cared not to listen to reason, and assault when they were entirely without it, then it was better for her to pretend they'd never encountered another in the first place.

        But, her traitorous soul made her gripe, "Hello, boy."

        The skayona held vigilant over such-and-so properties she'd already gathered, and watched him with a drawn, inscrutible look; never hateful, despite it. Hate, war -- these things weren't what she'd been bred for, born for. The amor for such couldn't reside within her, no matter how much her mind may wrestle with it. How could willing-to-dole-out bloodlust make itself permenantly evident? It couldn't, not when, within the pinked curve of her womb, grew the truth of her love for her cheka, her corsairs of the cliffs?

        Just on the crest of her fourth week, the days following her bearing-news had sobered the she-wolf, in heart, in body; and most certainly in her soul. She'd began to carry herself with a familiar, personal air -- a quieted, tenderful, unassuming one. So, as much as she yearned to feel some sort of hatred, some sort of fury towards Illidan and that reckless Raleska... she couldn't. There was not place in her for such to reside.

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