Haunted Wood I used to be somebody.
All Welcome  October 12, 2019, 12:35 PM
Referencing the ash cloud from Sleeping Dragon's fallout.

It is hard to tell how long he has been asleep. Hours, maybe. Days. When he does his mind is clear of the haze brought on by his medicine. His eyes open, glassy, with a distant expression that makes him look inanimate, like a statue. He is sprawled out on his chest with his broken limb propped up behind him, his good hind leg tucked underneath, and two forelimbs forming walls between which his head sits, poised against the ground.

His back is stiff; his entire body is, really, and he is hungry, but Revui cannot recall the last time someone has been around to tend his wounds or feed him—he would take anything at this point. Scraps are hard to come by, though. They've become more and more scarce within the pit; maybe it is a tactic of the beasts living in the forest to starve him until he breaks, and maybe.. Maybe it is working. But his eyes open, he looks groggily at the rigid shadows slanting along the pit's edge, and he sees... Snow?

It doesn't feel cold enough for snow yet, especially down in the valley. Up on the mountain it might have been—his mind drifts to memories of Moonspear, mixes them up with thoughts of Nova Peak before banishing sentimentality—but there should not be snow here, it is too early. Revui lifts his head and licks at the air; after a few attempts at this he catches a flake on his tongue but it does not melt, and it is not the crisp, clean taste of ice. It is bitter, and he spits the ash out in haste, glaring at the layer of ruin which descends upon his resting place.

RECOVERY (14/42)
Yesterday, 03:36 AM
permission from Thalia for Hela to have mentioned the false name

Valour had never witnessed snow or winter at all, so the stuff falling from the sky was completely foreign to the boy who wandered through it glancing at the sky with confusion. The stuff was scentless and where it fell upon his fur it just lay there, dirtying him up. He had attempted to lick it off but it was disgusting and he spat and coughed, licking his maw in disgust as he passed by the pit in time to see the captive take a taste and react similarly. He stared at the prisoner, a grown man who by appearance and expression seemed to be an unhappy sort and wondered if this was the captive Hela had mentioned before. "Hey. Uyo? What is this stuff? Tastes like I imagine Vengeance would" he tried a joke, praying that the captive wouldn't see him as an enemy right off the bat. He didn't care about Captives that others had brought in, especially since he knew he would have a hard time giving even the weakest ones a hard time without earning himself a beating.

13+ character. He's pretty strange for a kid. Slight uncomfy themes.