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Lone Wolves

a little ways from the borders of the vale

Curiosity and made her bold today, and Arielle ventured past the the safety of her home for the first time. She hadn't intended to at first; she had been following a butterfly around until it disappeared somewhere into the snowy peaks (or so it seemed to her) and she paused at the entrance to a pathway that lead into the mountains. She stood there, unsure if she wanted to go further, but eventually her constant need to explore won out, and she trotted over the borders and into the unknown.

She followed the path until the rocks and cold stone under her paws changed direction. To the right would take her up farther into the peaks and to left would lead her through a dense forest of evergreens where she thought she could hear a stream in the distance. It was no real dilemma for her; the forest seemed way more interesting, 

So she trotted into the trees, going farther and farther until the sound of water grew louder. When she found the stream, she stopped just when the cool water touched her front paws. Arielle peered into its crystal-clear depths. Her eyes widened in awe; it was the prettiest water she had ever seen. If it wasn't so cold, she might have jumped in, but she settled for watching it flow by in front of her instead.
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Lone Wolves

As she chose to remain in the heights of the mountains, Sibyl found herself venturing along in search of herbs which would only grow at such a height, and found several that she thought might be of use. She carried them with her with practiced care, so loosely draped through her mouth that they bounced with every step she took. Knowing better than to trust that she might safely bear the herbs all the way to a small cave she'd been stashing supplies in, she sought out a water supply so that she might at least rinse her mouth, and find a drink along the way. 

She would find, though, she was not alone- and saw in the distance a wolf with the still, thick-boned, knobbly legs of a wolf not yet a year old- far from it, in fact. A dark creature, her coat dusted with rusty hues, and her eyes- which Sibyl could not see- transfixed by the water's rippling surface. She approached with the calm, demure step of a harmless caretaker.
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Lone Wolves

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The black femme paced along the stream she had been following for days now, or was it weeks? she had followed this particular branch up from lower lands, she didn't quite realize she was slowly climbing a mountain. Her familiarity with the stream gave her a false sense of security and her head was low and realxed as was her tail and the rest of her posture.

Even though she was relaxed she kept her ears alert not that she could hear anything past her foot steps as she trotted in and along the the shallows edges of the stream. The cold didn't bother her much, and she enjoyed the splish splash split noise her paws made as they entered and exited the shallowest water.

It vaugely reminded her or the fresh crack of snow underpaw, she missed winter though even though she stuck out like a sore thumb in the daylight; her black body against the whitness of the world, but winter was also the most peaceful and quiet times she could remember. 

Her light blue eyes caught movement uphead and she froze midstride, water dripped from the fur on the underside of her belly.  She stared cautiously for 7 breaths then much more slowly continued her trek toward the two figures, stopping again about 8 feet away, enough so that she might have a lead should she need to run. 

She looked both wolves over assessing them, but she wasn't about to speak first, she waited to see if she would be passing by or would she be offered a conversation.
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Lone Wolves

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She didn't immediately notice the first stranger. It wasn't until she heard the rustle of paws against loose rock that she knew she was no longer alone. Arielle lifted her gaze and whipped it to the woman, worry apparent on her face. Her ears dropped a little and she took a step back and then a few more. 

Then she saw the dark stranger—a complete opposite from the first one, each of their coats contrasting against the other one as much as they did the bold green of the trees around them. Wary eyes moved between the two strangers as she decided what to do. Neither had done anything aggressive, but she had no way of knowing their real intentions. She was pretty shy around those she didn't know anyway, but it was different meeting strangers without the safety of her family around. She swallowed and licked her lips in another nervous gesture, too worried to speak just yet.
October 21, 2020, 12:36 PM
Lone Wolves

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Like most, the child seemed suddenly aware and a bit frightened by the aspect of having been found on her own, out in the wilderness with a stranger. And she was also quite used to getting frightened looks simply based on the fact that her face was marked with scars that were too obvious to have been unintentional. Still, she remained calm and offered the girl a faint smile, her tail waving gently from side to side so she might feel that Sibyl meant no harm. 

She looked over her shoulder when a shadow trailed closer and closer, with a questioning, curious gaze that reminded her of glacier waters. Assuming she was there to slake her thirst, Sibyl gave her a nod, allowing her to draw closer so long as her posture remained benign. She turned her attention back to the child, as she set her herbs down on the ground. Wet your mouth! her brain reminded her, and she moved forward a few steps to drink from the cool waters, carefully allowing some of the water to simply wash along her tongue and gums, rather than sipping it all back. She needed to get some of the traces of herbs out of her mouth. 

She would brush her muzzle against her pale shoulder briefly before she nudged a few of the herbs aside, choosing one in particular that had a small but pretty flower to it- and she carefully set it nearer to the young one. "A flower, for the pretty girl," She offered.
October 21, 2020, 04:08 PM
Lone Wolves

The water trickled through the stream, allowing for a calming and soothing background noise, there was no food or even any prey near by, there was nothing to fight over with other wolves, this little meeting might not end so bad, still...

The black femme exhaled sharply through her nares, her watchful white blue gaze not missing a single movement of the other two as she continued to assess them. Her posture did not change but her eyes flicked down to the bundle the wolf whom looked so much like her snow white siblings had set upon the ground, it was not food but plants..

She assessed the plants then her gaze flicked to the wolf as it drank, no grabbed at water, it did not swallow, water just flowed from the mouth along the jaws and back into the stream, strange...
was this wolf ok? was it sick? could it not drink and thought plants were food? no it was carrying plants not eating them, were the plants poisonous that's way the water was not swallowed. hum....

She knew about some poisons, Her gaze flicked back to the plants as the wolf sorted through them and offered a plant to the first wolf. None of those plants seemed like the ones she had… well none of those plants seemed like the poisonous type. Why would this white wolf want them? She suddenly felt distrust growing in her core as she looked at the wolves before her, she didn’t trust the white ones.

With one more quick inhale and exhale she stepped carefully over to them closing the distance more so to get a closer look at the plant the white one offered the other female. There were more efficient ways to kill. She scented the plant then look at the white femme, the wolf was female now that she was close enough to scent them thoroughly she knew they were both female as she was. Her gaze was distrustful as she looked at the white one, then the flower then the first femme “Why?” she asked with a boldly inquisitive tone