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He would never admit it; at least not out loud. If he did he might just mutter it to Banner or Rhodey; they knew enough about him to tell when he was a little on edge. Stark had gotten too intense on his patrols - he couldn't even call himself friendly on the best of days. The closer that Valette got to giving birth the more protective the male became. He took a deep breath around the thick hare he'd caught and headed back towards the family den. The evening was cool but not unbearable and with any luck he'd find @Valette out lounging - or maybe even one of the kids visiting with her. Ears thrust forward to hear any signs of if there was anyone around the male took his time. When inside Easthollow's territory he didn't feel as worked up. There'd been no signs of Birk coming back around and Stark expected that things were considered done in that regard. He wasn't so defensive there anymore. It was just.....all these new worries.

Tambourine had been tiny when he'd come into the picture - maybe only a week old. But this was different. Kavos, Eros, and Prialux had been tiny too but Amara hadn't been the best mother and he'd always suspected that Banner had done more in that regard. The children that he had a hand in raising and had been there for had never been so tiny - Silas, Larkspur, and Pippin had been older even if the things that had happened had shaped their lives for probably forever. Stark didn't want to screw up. This had to be different. He was so scared of what he might do - how easily he could screw up. "Val?" He called out gently as he set the hare down, hoping that if she was resting that he didn't wake her. 

May 16, 2018, 03:10 PM
After the sun had gone behind the trees, Valette decided to get some work done on their den. She wanted to make it softer and cozier. The female started to gather everything soft. Of course, they already had the bison skin she collected some hunts ago. Especially, the fur around the neck and shoulders was. The female also collected soft moss and carried before the den. She had quite the pile when she started to rearrange their den.

She placed the skin in the middle before starting to grab a mouth full of moss and place it around the edges. Valette excitedly realized that she was starting to prep her den. A sign that it couldn't be a long wait anymore. She moved back out, grabbed a mouth full of moss and then went back inside of the den. She repeated this several times. Val was humming while she was busying herself with her new found task. She had rested all afternoon in the sun so she had some energy to spill now.

Valette was just inside of the den, placing some moss down when Stark called for her. Valette eagerly turned and then popped her head out of the entrance. "Stark!," she grinned, moss on top of her head and hanging off her chin and muzzle. She climbed out of the den and eagerly greeted him with licks around his muzzle, plus some excited tail wagging was there as well. She loved it when Stark spent some time with her or gave her attention. Last time she didn't have a mate who would do that for her.

Her stomach was well rounded, you couldn't miss this anymore. Her teats were getting bigger as well, the only thing she found a bit annoying as they were mostly in the way of things. Or tickled against the ground if she wanted to stalk prey. Speaking of prey, Valette noticed the hare. He stomach grumbled in response. "For me?," she beamed. For a pregnant female, Valette was overall quite excited, happy, beaming and bouncing around. However, with her den modifications, she realized she was quite tired and plopped down. Her hazel eyes fell on him curiously. "Are you alright?," she asked.