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All Welcome  February 13, 2019, 04:57 PM
Finding himself with some free time away from the group, Lucas departed along the wooded edge of the coastline. Since leaving Bearclaw Valley, he had been visibly morose, or at least as much as he could be. He still grinned and replied brightly when spoken to, but anyone with even an ounce of perception could tell that he was a bit put out. He wasn't as engaged as before, not as quick to strike up conversations, and why should he be? He was excited to visit his family, and instead, he'd found only the empty vale.

He supposed it felt good to be reaching the end of their trip, even if he was saddened by the missing status of his relatives. Pulling in a deep breath through his nose, he stopped on a reedy hillock overlooking the cape and let his tail sway pensively. There, in the far distance, was Wheeling Gull Isle. Luc guessed it would be some time before they let him leave again on another trip, but all the same, he felt a strong pull to turn around and head back to the valley. His family had to have gone somewhere, right? Maybe they would go back too.

He thought morbidly of the whale bones on the beach, that day he'd discussed them with Govinda, and pressed his lips solemnly together. Yes. They had to have gone somewhere or their bones would have remained behind, but he couldn't go looking for them right now, the islanders likely wouldn't allow it so soon after returning. Maybe another time.

Vaguely forward dated to whenever Lucas and co are returning to Undersea b/c I need a shake up. I think it would be super nice if he ran into @Laurel since she's roughly in the area!
February 14, 2019, 10:09 AM
Lone Wolves

After finding out that Wyatt was at that pack the rude Dragoncrest Cliffs wolf had pointed out, Laurel felt a little more ease of mind. But she also wondered if the same had happened to Lucas. And what about Piper? She'd thought that once they found her children they would all be gathered up and go home, go somewhere together. She didn't even care where all that much -- she just wanted to be somewhere with them, have the family together. It could be Lost Creek Hollow, or it could be the Vale, or anywhere else. But ever since that night when Marten had caught her crying, when she had felt so lost, and when Marten had said that maybe, they weren't babies anymore and they wanted to be apart from their mother, Laurel had felt a nagging fear grasp at her heart. What if that was true?

She, too, found herself wandering alone while Indra and Marten rested. She needed some time to put her thoughts in line, to consider her possibilities. Was it worth it to keep travelling even though the were ill-prepared for it? Or should they turn back towards Stigmata's pack to collect Piper if she was back, and then return to the Hollow? Accept and admit that she was never going to find Lucas and had uprooted Indra's family for no reason at all? That last thing in particular left Laurel feeling bitter and cold and like that really was not an option. They'd left Indra's children so that they could find Laurel's; not to return home empty-handed and prove they'd not attained anything.

Someone else was wandering. Maybe lost in thought, too. Laurel initially ignored them, but figured moments later that she could not give up her search and should ask them if they'd seen Lucas, at the very least. The more wolves knew, the bigger odds that he would turn up eventually.

It didn't take long as she started her approach to notice their distinct features. Piebald, a rarity on its own. But when she drew closer and noticed the familiar colour of his pelt -- matching her own -- and the way his body was build up, Laurel realised just who she was headed towards. Her head erected and ears pressed forward in apparent disbelief. Could it really be..? His body had grown since she had last seen him but there was no mistaking that she was headed towards her son. Lucas! Laurel called out, and she ran with bated breath towards him at full speed, hoping that her call of his name would confirm her strong suspicions about his identity.