Broken Antler Fen with scarves of red tied 'round their throats
All Welcome  October 12, 2019, 07:11 AM
for the second time since her exodus from the woods has she left her new home, spurred mostly my doubt.

it lingers, like a bitter taste in the back of her mouth. should she have gone with maegi? she was, truly, the last family she had left. and yet, would she not feel the absence of her sister, her mother, so much more sharply should she return to her old haunt? her mother's body was still there, the tree that had crushed her, too. people that knew what had happened. and she could not face them.

that made her a coward, didn't it? she felt hot shame at the thought, though surely it had to be true. 


she starts, the muttered word close and soft and harsh. had she said that aloud? she could not remember her maw moving, in the same way as before. slightly unnerved, she continues on, a fair distance from what is unknowingly @Praimfaya's claim but approaching it at a steady clip.
October 12, 2019, 08:42 AM
praimfaya moves along the borders of roangeda, growing clearer and stronger with each pass, with each wolf she draws into her kru, pausing here and there to mark them. she grows ever troubled by the rapid changes of the wilds: what has thus far come in the wake of the earth's tremors and what is to come. the scarcity of the herds is unnerving but she tries not to let paranoia become a constant companion. it has dacio has said: they would survive this ...and why should she believe anything less of her and roangeda's abilities? look what was accomplished thus far. sure, roangeda was still a fledgling pack but this was her's. blodreina might've laid its bare bones but everything beyond was accomplished solely by her. an impossible feat that was proving itself to be possible despite her tender age.

was there any doubt that despite her mother's status as natrona and her father's status as splita that she was a true commander? the evidence shows her that there isn't any.

the sound of approaching footfalls draw a cursory flick of her ear and her head shifts slightly, frostbound silver gaze seeing the steady approach of a silhouette upon the nearby horizon. praimfaya moves past roangeda's borders, moving to intercept the other with an imperious rise of her muzzle and a curl of her tail over her back. hei. the worlida calls out.

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October 12, 2019, 11:18 AM
the approaching figure has her pause, neutral, initially, until the curl of her tail and the tilt of her muzzle becomes apparent. it is a girl her own age that approaches her, and the knowledge that they are therefore equals has her own tail curl, lips peel back a fraction. having no knowledge of the pack that settles just beyond she sees the approach only as an act of aggression, and reacts as such. 

Black Hat's advice comes to mind—do not waste the advantage of acting first. the word she barks out is too foreign, and all too easily interpreted as yet another sign of aggression. she's motionless until she isn't, surging forward to tear at the other girl's shoulder, remembering well the folly of a direct attack to the face, neck.