Lost Creek Hollow Lightning in a jar
All Welcome  November 15, 2019, 12:34 PM
Lone Wolves

Maia had wondered if @Terance would still be at the hollow where she'd left him, and she was elated to find that he was!!! Not only that, but @Sarah still seemed to be here too, though whether either were actually around had yet to be confirmed.

She made it here in record time, for her, getting lost only once along the way!!! If @Bronco had indeed chosen to come along, maybe it was his help, or maybe she was actually growing up a little.  Nah, never that.

As soon as she reached the edge of the territory Maia let out a joyous, boisterous howl announcing that she was here and her family better come post haste and see her!! She couldn't wait to see either of them, she'd missed them so much and had so much to tell them!!!!
November 19, 2019, 11:56 AM
Lone Wolves

maia!! terance's ears swiveled quickly as he realized the voice calling through the clearing belonged to his bouncy little sister. he nudged arbiter, who he had been chatting with, and set off towards the borders to find the girl.

he noted with bittersweet pride how grown she looked the moment he laid his gaze on her. how long had it been since he'd seen her? too long!! but he was excited to see her here, now. maia!! the stone purled, jogging forwards to embrace her in a wolfish hug, i missed you!! i'm so glad you're here. he gave a soft sigh into her fur before retreating from her grip, tail wagging as he looked her up and down. 

how are you? he asked, starting with the basics.
November 19, 2019, 09:42 PM
Lone Wolves

It was always good to see Terance, if only as a reminder that she wasn't the only one in their family who had inherited their father's size.  Before he even said her name, she was speeding towards him, and collided with him with admirable enthusiasm.  TER!!  

She wasn't satisfied until she'd thoroughly hugged, then gave him a good look over.  You're getting greyer, bro, she said teasingly, shoving at his shoulder.  As if she should talk - she was mostly silver.  I'm great!!! Better than great, actually! How are the kids?! Is Sarah here!?  Rapid fire, true to her style, and only pausing to breath before she was prepped to launch into her news.  News that Sarah needed to hear too, of course, maybe even more than their brother.  But she just couldn't really wait!