Bearclaw Valley Two thousand years replaced
All Welcome  March 22, 2021, 07:41 PM
The boy had physically grown to a substantial size due to a sudden growth spurt. He felt the ache in his bones that left him ornery, which would only be an issue if he had company, and that was rare.

Karst found it easier to find plants to add to the storehouse with the receding layers of snow and ice. It wasn't too difficult to cut through the ground now either, so he had gathered an assortment of roots to study as well. Mostly these were burdock, dandelion, and a few tubers he did not recognize.

He was busy most mornings outside of the hollow where he kept his collection. In the afternoon he would stalk back over and duck inside, checking to see if anything had gone missing or spoiled somehow. It was better to keep a low profile while he studied the emergent flora of the valley.