Stone Circle deios
March 31, 2021, 07:42 PM
It was rare that Karst would ever leave the storehouse where he tended the herb collection, rarer still that he would venture far from the valley itself.

Today he wasn't at home, though. Today he'd roamed to the adjacent territory where the grass grew tall and all he could see was green, for miles. Green and gray, actually — the standing stones erupted along the horizon line and drew his attention, albeit briefly.

The last time he had been here he'd seen a man. Merrick had come to collect him readily enough; now he wondered of that moment and if that strange stony beast remained here. There were no signs of life as he slunk across the grassland; himself a living obelisk, large and dark like slate, his tattered ears slanted back upon his head.

Try as he might Karst could not make himself small. He'd surpassed the odds in that regard, taking after both his massive parents. Still, he felt inconsequential in the vastness of the veldt; as he neared the circle he shrank even further in to himself.