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Reneian Empire
@Lilitu @Ibis and anyone else who would be allowed in the den
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She was passed out on her back, tucked into her mother's side, emitting a soft snore with every inhale of breath as her mouth hung slightly open and milky drool pooled in the place her lips met before oozing down her cheek. She was obviously bothered by very little. But why should she be? She had her mother's love and warmth, she had all the food she could want, and she had a sister to share the newness of the world with. Her life was perfect, and she had nothing to worry about as she blissfully snoozed, surrounded by the warmth of her family. 

She woke with a sputter and a tiny cough as some of her saliva had collected in the back of her mouth and eventually caused her to aspirate. She rolled over onto her belly, another cough shaking her tiny body. She sat there for a few moments, catching her breath before she realized she could see soft light cascading over her silver paws. And it was then that she noticed that she could actually see her tiny paws. She looked around and there was mom and sister. They were a little blurry still, but she knew it was them. 

She released an excited squeak, and wobbled over to look at her family. She just stared at them, in awe of what they looked like. She knew how they felt and what they smelled like, and now she knew what they looked like too. It was amazing, and her already perfect world just became even better. What else waited for them in the future?
Yesterday, 09:37 AM
Reneian Empire
Lilitu was asleep when Arielle let out the squeak, but that was okay. Like usual, she was mired in absolutely horrific dreams, filled with creatures she'd never seen (and she could see now!) and faces she didn't recognize. She was more than happy to be roused from the latest nightmare, and turned in groggy fashion toward her sister.

Wait. There was something different. . .

GASP! Lilitu rose to her paws as she realized that Arielle's eyes were now open, too! She lurched joyfully toward her littermate, blinking in exaggerated fashion. They were very pretty eyes, too, a darker color than her mother's glittering pair of jewels.

And now Arielle knew what the world was like, beyond the darkness (albeit a warm and cozy darkness) they had been born into. The sky was the limit for them.

She gave her sister a conspiratorial nudge, mouth agape, smacking her forepaws against the den floor.

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