Phantom Hollow [M]Baby, it's in your nature
Private  August 01, 2020, 10:23 PM
Reneian Empire
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After the incident which we cannot write about because ongoing thread, Takeshi flipped his path, headed back to the wilderness once more to evaluate his thoughts. Rain drizzled in a steady plip plop, wetting his fur as he made his way through grasses and ferns. Though he was not an empty-brained man, there was little self control in that creature, and even the things that he knew were risky were bound to happen again and again as long as he existed on this earth.

August 03, 2020, 04:08 PM
Neverwinter Forest
The rain was a nice break from the summer heat; it cooled the air some, at least enough that she didn't feel like she might melt while exploring the territories near the forest. Simmik traveled a little farther than she had originally intended, but she was lost deep in her thoughts and not really paying attention until the strange silence of the area pulled her back to the present. She wasn't a fan of this place and often avoided it, so it was strange that she had absentmindedly made her way into the creepy hollow. The place gave her the chills.

She had already turned to leave and head in the direction of the lake when she saw the stranger. She lifted her nose to inspect the air; his scent was familiar in a way she couldn't really place, and it bugged her enough that she moved closer to learn more. He was pale like she was, bigger like most males were, and a complete stranger. She paused near a tangle of decaying trees and moss and watched silently for a few moments before finally releasing a chuff, her expression holding the usual suspicion she gave to strangers. But she was interested to know more, too; maybe he could offer her some useful information.