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All Welcome  July 14, 2019, 09:04 AM
Ptero time! I PP'd you all here because I'm mad with power. If anyone else wants to show up, feel free!

Spending time with Towhee the other day had made Finley realize a couple of things. One, kids grew up way too fucking fast. Two, her family was awesome. It had grown into something she'd never thought possible, and actually, it was something she'd never wanted when she was young and stupid. We're gonna gloss over that fact though. It was something wonderful, and she loved and appreciated every member of it. But, that brought her to her last realization--She wanted her children to love and appreciate every member of their family too, and at the moment, they didn't even know how to communicate with one of them.

So! Fin got her head set on a new mission: To teach her puppies ptero. This was going to be a complete pain in the ass, but it was important so she was going to give it a shot anyway. Her eyes traveled now across the row of puppies she had lined up before her--@Pox, @Sugar Glider, @Avery and @Crow--her pupils, willing or unwilling. She smiled at their faces, even Pox who looked bored and huffy. Then, she began.

"Alright troops," she said in an important voice, "You're here today to learn a very important new skill. It's called ptero, and it's a way to talk to someone without actually using words. Now it's really important to your mommers here that you guys learn, so I want you to pay attention and do your best okay?" Pox snorted, but fell silent and shame-faced when Fin shot him a look.

July 14, 2019, 09:10 AM
Youth V
This was so stupid. Pox was not at all pleased when his plans for the day--which involved digging up worms and throwing them at Avery and Weejay--had been interrupted by something so lame. It would've been one thing had Fin cooked up something actually fun to do, but learning how to talk without words? Who cares!! Ugh. Mom sucks.

Pox knew from many, many experiences by now what it was to cross Finley, so he would play along. He was definitely one of the unwilling ones, though, and his attention was already wandering. He was probably going to get yelled at a lot. God, he just wanted to dig worms. Was she done talking yet?
July 14, 2019, 09:53 AM
Sugar Glider
Youth IV
If she'd known about her brother's plot to toss worms at her, Sugar likely would've been disappointed by this impromptu linguistics class too. But totally unaware of how she was missing out on wormy warfare, the easygoing and obedient child did as she was told. When Finley spoke, she did her best to pay close attention to her mother's words.

While Pox only snorted in evident derision, Sugar simply tried to wrap her mind around the concept of talking without words. She wanted to learn, especially since it seemed of utmost importance to Finley, but she was already lost. Trying to do so surreptitiously, she moved her head sideways to glance at Avery and Crow, to see if they were as puzzled as her.

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Yesterday, 07:00 PM
Youth III
Mom had gathered them all up and made them sit in a line, so Avery was sandwiched between her siblings. She didn't mind -- it had saved her from Pox's worm attack, and plus, Avery seemed to be a go-with-the-flow kind of pup so far. She liked to follow everyone else's lead, whether that meant digging with Sugar or following Pox around or listening to whatever it was their mom was about to tell them.

She didn't really understand what her mother meant, but Finley stressed the importance of their listening skills, so she nodded her head. Talking wasn't one of Avery's favorite things, anyway, since her tongue tended to trip her up more often than not, and she was curious as to how this would work.