Blacktail Deer Plateau We all sell our souls sooner or later.
All Welcome  October 12, 2019, 12:41 AM

They had settled swiftly across the plateau and Reyes had spent the majority of his time pining for things that the sea took from him; he knew he should not blame the ocean for the damage wrought to their home, nor for the losses he had suffered, but he had nothing else to focus his anger upon.

The quakes had mostly subsided for the time being and he did not know what caused them, so they were soon shoved out of his mind in favor of his sorrow. He hadn't slept well the night before; or any night since the arrival, really. To keep himself from feeling absolutely useless, he paced along the raised edge of the plateau—navigating the dangerous ridge as if to tempt fate, and to keep an eye out for something to eat.

The plateau was too quiet, too empty, and it added to Reyes' already frayed mental state the more he roamed within that silence. With nothing else to do but waste his time scouting the territory, he eventually grew so bored that he sought out the first low-hanging branch he could find and began to worry at it; his teeth grasping the whipping end, the muscles of his forequarter pulsing as he thrashed about, until there came a satisfying snap and he was left with a dislodged branch—which he spat out, as it was now useless to him.