Stavanger Bay A whale of A Tale
Random Event  February 13, 2020, 09:05 PM
Whitebark Stream
The great hulking beast had swum too far inland in search of food, and now became stranded on the sand, its organs crushing under its own mass, the tide long gone out. It's massive, dinner plate sized eye rolled painfully in its head. It opened the opening in its head, releasing a gasp of air, its tail giving an exhausted flop against the sand. A booming, gutteral moan echoed from the great beast, a fearful plead as the intelligent creature resigned itself to it's fate.

Aphrodite followed the odd scent- a mix of flesh and fish. It had been a week since her coupling with @Aiolos, and she knew any day her instincts would tell her if she would indeed bear his pups. A new generation within a forming pack, a fortification. Little use in the long run, with no unrelated pairings...and even she wasn't base enough to breed with her own child. But still, being the first to bear the young Alpha's pups would secure her place as the closest thing this pack had to an Alphaess. 

Her musings were interrupted by the appearance of the whale, the poor creature taking a dying breath and releasing a sad groan. She had seen fish before, but never one this massive. It would feed the pack for weeks, and provide nourishment for the pups, if there were any. She moved forward, sinking her teeth into the joint behind its fin, ignoring the flurry of seabirds already gouging flesh from its back and sides. It tasted rich, fatty, salty...the most incredible thing she had ever tasted. She released a howl, calling Aiolos, and leaving an invitation for the rest of the pack, which she had yet to meet.
February 14, 2020, 10:18 PM
Lone Wolves

And those maybe interested in joining the group could come along too? ;)

It was a sad, powerful groan unlike any sound which Aiolos had heard before. Yes, he had heard whales, seen whales and even feasted on them a pawful of times before, but nothing compared to the sound which he had heard. He had seen the whales out in the ocean, singing, flagging their tails and flippers and spraying mists of ocean salts. Large, powerful and intelligent beings and sang and worked together like wolves. He had also seen them wash up on shore, their bodies already decaying, already half eaten and picked away by sea predators before making in to the shore. 

This time Aiolos made it in enough time when Aphrodite called to see the light go out in the whale's giant eye. He whispered a silent prayer to the Sea Goddess, both for his safe journey into the afterlife and for the lives which he would help save with his death. 

When Aiolos tipped up his head to sing, he sang both for the whale and for his small sea fairing group - @Ovid and @Elektra, to join in the grand spoils. And then he trotted forward, taking his placement at Aphrodite's side. He smiles, chuffing a hello and begins to eat with her.