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He had done as he said, patrolling the bypass where they had made their camp. Glaukos trended west until he was trailing through the grove with a queer scent in his nose; like deer, but not like deer.

He caught sight of some stray horses soon enough. They grazed at the tree line with one set of eyes turned in his direction, making the fur of his nape raise. He considered them a long while before they began to move and mosey on, likely reluctant to stick around.

Did they see a wolf when they looked at him, or a bear? Did it matter? He watched them have their fill and stalk off through the trees, heading south, and did not follow.
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While Esma still preferred to stay within the safe confines of Riverclan, with every passing month that brought her nearer to her first birthday, she had grown more confident to explore the territories in the vicinity of the hollow. It turned out that her very introvert nature that made her avoid social situations by making herself invisible and keeping her distance, was a valuable skill, when it came to tracking prey. Now, when a recent spike in temperatures had sent the snow melting, thus changing the landscape from uniform white to dappled with browns, greys and yellows of the old grass, her pelt blended with the scenery extremely well. 

Esma had caught sight of the odd deer herd few days ago for the first time. Odd creatures with heavy footfalls that sent light waves of vibrations through solid ground. They were way too large for her to hunt them and she had been correct in her assumption that hooves of theirs could be just as dangerous as the ones of deer. She followed them around at a distance, careful not to walk, where wind might send her scent in their direction. However, today she had been able to come very close to them, thanks to a pile of fresh dung that they had left and, which she had used to camouflage her own particular scent. 

One or two caught sight of her, but did not consider dangerous enough to pay any attention. A haughty snort here, a tap of the hooved leg there to warn and then they forgot her. However, after a while someone else drew their attention, making Esma crane her neck to find, who it was. There she spotted a dark-pelted brute walking nearby. A foreigner she had not seen stalking around these grounds before.
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