Shadewood Shining shimmering splendor
Private  May 17, 2019, 01:13 PM
Shadewood Keep
The Platinum
@Deku and @Orochi if you wanna pop in too!

The nights had begun to grow warmer and sleeping became easier and more pleasant. She no longer needed all the furs in her bed and had given them to Deku and her angry little second son as she had begun to see him as. This night was a special one though, as the first fireflies had begun to come out and blink in patterns lighting up the air outside their den. "Deku, Orochi, come outside, look!" she encouraged in a warm tone, nudging the both of them and standing up, walking outside. The air was filled with the blinking bugs, creating a beautiful spectacle and one she knew Deku would enjoy. She wasn't so sure of Orochi but she hoped he would at least be less grumpy than usual.

Merc. Mastery: 2/20
Purple= japanese
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