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RIP Issun
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forward dated to 9/30

A gut-wrenching groan shakes the thicket. Issun stood in the middle, or rather kneeled over himself.

Damnit. Damnit... Chunks of rabbit and blood fly from his mouth, falling back onto the dead corpse. He must’ve been cooped up in this place for ages trying to eat something, but all his attempts were fruitless. He could barely swallow and if he were lucky enough to do so everything would just come back up. Not even water could slither past his throat.

This was by far the most excruciating sickness he has ever felt. It took its toll on him. The light from his eyes had completely vanished, he dragged himself around constantly. His ribs were starting to become visible and he often shook from heat and exhaustion. And yet the warrior was still to stubborn to seek aid or even be seen by any of his peers. He couldn’t bare the thought of forcing @Deku or @Minori to see him like this. Completely broken.
September 28, 2019, 07:47 PM
He too turned away from an audience for the past few days. Anger and grief were a dangerous combination. Approach the source and you will surely burn. Orochi cherished the fire within him. He would go out of his way to singe everyone with it in the past. But being out here changed that. Everytime he would erupt, it was dictated by emotion rather than himself. It was tiring, so he separated himself from everyone in order to prevent it. Once he could gain control of his feelings, he would burn others once again.

It had become a habit to spend his days in the thicket. It was secluded and quiet, a perfect place to vent. This place often reminded of the battle with the beast and it inspired him to train on his own. It was a good distraction.

Orochi was not alone that evening. His ears twitched curiously when he heard retching from afar and he was drawn to that horrific sound. Who dare intrude on his turf making all that racket?

It was the mysterious warrior. Despite barely knowing him, Orochi was always enchanted by him. His battle expertise was very admirable, especially to a budding mercenary like himself.

Orochi made no attempts to approach silently. He barely took notice of his sickly figure or the bile that pooled at his feet. Answers. Advice. That’s all he needed.

Who are you?

September 28, 2019, 08:46 PM
RIP Issun
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Ah, that voice. Everything about it was complex and contradictory. On the surface it was a strong command, one that would come from a confident adult. Yet it young and small. The tone sounded put together, yet there was a twinge of vulnerability lying deep within. To whom did this voice belong to?

When Issun slowly tilted his head upwards he nearly gasped. His bastard son’s stare bore a hole into his skull. He shouldn’t have been so shocked by his presence. That boy was lurking in the shadows this whole time, he knew that well. He just hoped it would’ve stayed that way longer.

This boy was the embodiment of all his mistakes. The infidelity, the lies, the hearts that were broken, crammed into one clueless child. The blissful ignorance this boy must have angered him to a point. Issun wished he knew the pain he had caused from his moment of birth to this moment.

The warrior lowered his glare. what- what do you want from me? The question was simply him thinking aloud, no doubt cryptic to the child.
September 29, 2019, 10:33 AM
Orochi's curiosity grew with each passing moment. An answer would open a thousand doors and he was willing to step through all of them. Such a journey would bring him joy and god knows he was in need of that now. The little dragon leaned in closer and closer, rotating his ears towards the man, eager to hear what he had to say.

The question was only answered with another question, a stupid one at that. The boy fell back, falling on his rump and flattening his ears. He turned a dumbfounded gaze towards the man. There was a cool anger in his eye. Why was that?

What? His voice was quiet, confused. Then it grew into something more stronger and somewhat intense. I asked for your name! Everyone out here acted so strange, he was sick of it by now. He just wanted answers.

September 29, 2019, 11:09 AM
RIP Issun
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His voice was painful to hear. The tone in which it held was loud and confident. The words pierced through his cranium and shook him to the core. Issun tucked his chin close to his back and grit his teeth.

The nerve you have... His voice was hushed and gravely but it didn’t lack in disdain. The hatred he felt towards this pup was insurmountable. For him to be standing there, practically looming over his sickly form, was nothing less from humiliating. It felt as if he won a battle that hadn’t even been fought.

His blood boiled over and soon his whole body felt like it was aflame. His breathing grew harder. The drool and blood on his lips began to fall and bubble. Get out of my sight, he growled.
September 29, 2019, 11:46 AM
That foreboding anger never left his eye, nor was it absent from his tongue. The nerve you have. There was so much poison in that, from the tone to the words themselves. Orochi just sat there wondering: why? What was the reasoning behind this man’s rage? Why was it so great to the point he couldn’t answer a simple question? These were hypocritical thoughts, coming from him.

The air suddenly grew a lot more tense. The man's looming anger became far more intense, so much so that he began to drool. Never in his life had he been as worked up as this. It was unnerving to see, but Orochi swallowed his fear and glared at him. 

His demands would not be obeyed, for the dragon was just as stubborn as he. No.

September 29, 2019, 12:31 PM
RIP Issun
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Through the quiet woods he roams alone. Or that’s what he believes. There is something that watches him behind a veil of shadows. A beast hiding in the skin of a boy. Its presence was left undetected until laughter rustles the trees. It crawls out from the darkness, points at him, laughs at him. “Leave!” He screams. The chortle does not cease.

“No,” it says. “No.. NonoNO NO-“


That beast is here. It was staring him down with a cold bi-colored gaze. Leave, Issun hisses. His breath grows quick and ragged. Another growl rumbles in his throat, more visions then the last. Leave. He manages to get to his feet and stumble forward. The world is spinning. He could barely process anything, including the bastard taking a few steps back.


Issun lunges forward and collides with the boy. They both roll a few feet, but in the end it is the warrior that stood over his son. His jaws snapped forward over and over again in an attempt to draw blood. The only thing stopping him was the paws that pushed against his neck and belly.
September 29, 2019, 01:45 PM

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Orochi’s ears flatten on his skull and his claws dug deep into the earth. I won’t! He doubts the words were heard. This man was off in his own world now. Teeth were unsheathed, breath was heavy. Foam and drool still dripped from his lip. When the man faced him, there was a lethal look in those eyes.

This time when he is told to leave, Orochi seriously considers it. The way he looks at him and approaches him is frightening. He ducked is head and tucked his tail between his legs. What are you doing? H-hey! Stop it! 

All he wanted to do now was run. He surely tried, but he only managed to  back away slightly. His heart hammered in his chest, his knees began to quiver. So this is what fear truly felt like?


Suddenly a flash of gray and white shot forward. Orochi let out a petrified scream. Both the wolves tumbled across the earth and he ended up on his back. Teeth immediately fly towards him, but luckily he is able to stop it with his front paws. He digs his back paws into the man’s belly just for good measure.

It is at that moment he was able to gaze up at his attacker. All he saw was drool, teeth, and blind rage. Orochi was lucky that this man was not as strong as he normally was, otherwise this would've been over in an instant. Still, his incessant need was taxing on the boy's body.

Orochi's legs began to give up on him. Those teeth were getting closer and closer. Soon he felt the sickly breath warm his cheeks. Please don't! he pleaded. Tears started to stream down his face. Don't hurt me please!

This is it, he thought. He would die here. The morning sun would never warm his skin. The evening breeze would never ruffle his fur. He would never see his stupid brother again, nor Minori. He would never see his mother's face again, if that was even possible.

Mama. If there was a chance to see her again he would take it in a heartbeat. But if he died now it would never come to be. He couldn’t give up now.

Newfound determination sent his adrenaline through the roof. He had to get this man off him in any way he could. Orochi gathered up all of his strength to attempt to push his attacker away.

It was a back and forth struggle. The man continued to push forward, never halting his pursuit to skewer him. Orochi would just push him away each time. Both wolves began to tire.

I can't give up, the dragon kept repeating to himself. I can't, I can't, I can't. In one last attempt to push him away, Orochi conjured up whatever energy he had left. He pulled his legs close to his body, sprung them out and then-

Weightlessness. The dragon was free.

Orochi shot up and turned to run but then...


He spun around to see what had happened. Blood strained an angular rock and beside it lay the man. 

Oh my god. Oh my god. He could not look away from this gruesome scene. One of his eyes stuck out of its socket in a nightmarish fashion. Blood poured from the wound like a waterfall. But he was still breathing. He was still moving. His body convulsed and twisted in ever which way. His one good eye was still staring at the boy. 

I-I-I He was at a loss for words. This scene sickens him to the core. I didn’t m-mean it. I didn’t want to- no, no.

I'm- I'm sorry! Orochi hesitates no further. He makes a break for it.

September 29, 2019, 02:48 PM

The word echoed through the air, the vicious tone startling birds from the trees before reaching Minori. She had been resting, something that she rarely ever got to do anymore between keeping an eye on their slowly growing group and putting food into their mouths. She startled awake and blinked blearily "Issun..?" The name fell half slurred from sleepy lips as she pushed herself up and began to gravitate in that direction, her paw steps falling faster and faster as bits and pieces of the nightmare she would only see the ends of drifted to her. Her heart hammered as she heard Orochi's young voice, pleading not to be hurt and she snarled thinking that Issun had caught someone trying to harm her boy. She began to run praying that she would not arrive to find them both slaughtered on the grounds she had thought were safe. It took far too long for her to reach the scene, Orochi's scent fresh but the boy nowhere in sight and Issun-

"Oh Issun" Her voice broke as she watched him twitch and writhe upon the ground coated with his blood. She stared at the gruesome scene, her heart breaking inside of her, shattering the hope of happiness she had held. Oh god what would she tell Deku? Where had Orochi gone? What had happened here? She took a step forward and then paused, the stench of sickness making her unwilling to go any closer to the man who had once been her everything. She shook her head, ears flattening back and sat down crying silently as she refused to leave him alone in this moment. "I'm sorry....I'm sorry. I'll protect them" She whispered, staring into his one good eye and then unable to speak anymore as she watched, praying that he would soon slip into the eternal peace of death.

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Dead or alive, Higoro says it anyways

Unfeeling, cold, apathetic. Words that described Higoros state of mind upon seeing Issuns final defeat. Issuns body, bloody and disfigured did not faze the male, if anything the smell bothered him more than the sight. He watched from a distance but moved closer, his eyes trailing from Issun to Minori. He spoke no words, not a sound. He did not mourn the way Minori would, he would not mourn at all. His feelings towards the dying male stayed the same, pity was a luxury Issun could not afford. Higoros golden eyes peered into Issuns one good eye, he watched as the half baked wolf began breathing his last breaths. Steely gaze with an even colder look was all Higoro gave Issun. The wind bristled his coat as the male sat, looming over Issun. The dark male leaned down to his ear and whispered, "Don't worry, your death isn't completely needless." He leaned back and stood, a devilish smile premiered on his lips before vanishing soon after. With the swish of his tail Higoro left, winning had lost its taste.
September 30, 2019, 06:31 PM
RIP Issun
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it’s been real! RIP my garbage freckle man <3

If Issun were to come across this battle he would be horrified. Never in a million years would he even think of causing a harm to a child. Yet here he was, hovering over his own blood, eager to tear out his throat.

Gone was the Issun everyone once knew. A selfless warrior, a caring soul, a loving father. His whole being was consumed by a monster.

Who was that monster? Was it the sickness? Was it Higoro? Takara? Minori? Orochi? There was nothing to blame. There was no one to blame. The only thing that destroyed him was himself. All the lies, the fear, the anger. It had been festering in him for so long, only kept hidden by a façade. That ugliness could not be concealed any longer. It roamed the earth without shame, rearing its fangs at everything it hated.

There was nothing more he hated than this boy. If he had not been born, none of this would have happened. He could’ve lived his life in peace with his love and his son. Orochi’s very existence destroyed that life. He would die for the pain he has caused. His flesh was so close. His fur tickled his teeth. Just a little closer. Just a few more seconds and he would rid this bastard from the earth!

Then everything went wrong.

He felt his body hover in the air. He saw a rock close in on his face. He heard his fractured bones rattle in his skull. Issun watched the blood pour from his head. It made a trail that led to his horrified son, who quickly ran away.

No. This couldn’t be happening now. He had to get up. He had to clean himself up. He had to see Minori. He had to see Deku. Get up... get up.


By the time Minori wept over him and Higoro leaned into his ear to whisper his last insults, Issun was far gone from this reality. He was stuck playing tug of war with death. I cannot die, I must see Deku. Please! Please, let me see my son one last time!

That would be his last thought.

A single tear ran down his cheek before the light faded from Issun’s eye.