Ankyra Sound of faces pressed to bloodstained panes
Private  February 12, 2019, 08:18 PM
        in the night the fever had blossomed, swallowing first her throat and the great artery there, then her belly, until finally between her thighs it burned into a red conflagration that brought erzulie awake with a low gasp. it seemed every delicate muscle was afire with some torturous throbbing, and slowly the harlot climbed to her feet and crept from the den she shared with rosalyn.
        before dawn, the sun just beginning to pale the far horizon. bringing her cinnamon ears forward, she leant into the cooling scour of the seawind, hoping it would drag from her hips the glowing want. instead, the zephyr brought only to her the scent of @Firefly, he who she and rosalyn had decided would father her children.
        a moment of hesitation, and erzulie set off, stalking toward the confines of blackpine and where she thought the man to be, hoping he had not changed his mind in her sudden hour of desire.

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February 12, 2019, 08:35 PM
        The mantle of his soon-to-be fatherhood did not register with him. If he thought of it then none would know, as he kept himself busy and separate from those of Rusalka; he was roaming the black pines with the scent of wolverine in his nose when something in the air shifted. Firefly was no longer afraid of the dark trees — or, again, if he was then he kept his anxiety closely guarded. He wanted to make sure the territory and its surroundings were free of dangers for the future.

        But, yes, the wind shifted. The strong scent of the pest animal faded along a snow-bank and so he stopped, scrutinizing the angles trees. One of the branches behind him shuddered and scattered the collected snow of its boughs, and he turned sharply in time to see a flurry of white-smoke where the snow once sat. The ice scattered in the wind, flurrying around a red shape that came sleuthing from the dark — Rosalyn? No, flashes of gold — Erzulie

        Firefly forgot about the wolverine's path then, and fixed her in his sights. Her movement was purposeful; she looked determined and agitated simultaneously, and that brought him worry, thus he closed the gap between them and - breathing deeply - drank in her scent.