Sun Mote Copse Well I bet my soul on a six string gamble
Private  February 13, 2019, 11:14 AM
Comrade I
Second stop - @Niamh.  He'd spoken with Finley (jumpin the gun here oops) and had some ideas at least on what he wanted to do.  One was a notion, but... he needed to have the conversation with her.  What she wanted was what mattered, mostly, because Colt was pretty sure he could be ok with things as long as she was there next to him.

Yeah, these last few weeks had gone really well.

He figured she'd be near the borders, chasing coyotes or something equally interesting.  He was glad that even though she had stepped back, she hadn't completely changed.  He hadn't wanted that - he'd fallen for her after all.  The thought made him smile, and he picked up his pace a bit.