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hello sibs!!!!!! need to get my dose of family! @Takiyok @Tahani @Shivali @Tomkin

It had been three and a half weeks since he and Shivali had meet with the member of the Morningside pack. He had been thinking over what might potentially need to be done to insure the safety of the territory that they had claimed. It made Siarut uncomfortable to have them so close considering their original greetings. He was feeling slightly hypocritical however, and had a strong desire to hear what his siblings had to say on the matter.

The grey clouds hung heavy, full of impending snow. Their higher altitude brought swifter changes in seasons, they were already facing colder weather, snow and animals were starting to leave for warm ground. Without their ancestry from the north, IkKanattuk would surely be lost. Standing on the stiff ice of the glacier, Siarut threw his head back and called for his blood. It was time for a family reunion.


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October 16, 2018, 03:02 AM
The call stopped her trek up the mountain. She released a frustrated sigh in response to her brother's summons, wanting so badly to just ignore it and continue up the mountain to a place she knew she would be alone. It sounded important, though, and she figured she should probably show up, even though she knew it would difficult to be around him. They of course had disagreements before this one but never this bad, and seeing him reminded her of of all the words exchanged between them in the heat of the moment. Reluctantly, she turned and made her way back down the mountain and in the direction of Sia's call.

When she arrived, she was pained to see that no one else was there yet. Great. Now she would have to sit here without even the buffer of someone else's presence. She silently walked until she was close enough to be respectful but far enough to be comfortable, sitting down and looking anywhere but at Sia.

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October 16, 2018, 01:31 PM
this fell right into her plans of getting closer to her family. grinning, she gladly heeded the summons, skirting across the glacier with eager paws. so fast she traveled that when she went to stop, she slid a bit, laughing. completely ignorant of the tension between her siblings. she butted Taki against the shoulder with her head and moved to play-wrestle with Siarut before moving away, in good spirits.

"how are you both?" Tahani asked, and then finally, she noticed something was off between the two of them. her smile faded a bit, as she looked back and forth, Siarut to Takiyok, Takiyok to Siarut. "what's going on?"

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