Stone Circle life is old there, older than the trees
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Lone Wolves

His howl carried through the misty air, strong and resolute; he knew his call would reach the ones who mattered, so in the waiting, Merrit lowered his crown and turned his eyes upon Easthollow to watch the familiar land. His land; his home. Rain drizzled down to wet the sea of grass that lay still in the cool spring air, and in the distance, he could just pick out the silhouette of the roaming bison, unassuming in their lumbering gait, but the boy knew better than to assume them weak. They were resilient and fierce, creatures to revere and respect; mother had taught him that before he had even learned to hunt, and his heart stung at the thought of her. At the thought of mother, and at the thought of @Arlette, and his gaze turned toward the stones.

A good anyone could meet him here today, but he hoped that anyone would be them.