Deepwood Weald hui oilima man kiluva?
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        So few, too few were they—
        but the stricken knows better than to demean by amount  (or lack thereof)  alone, and so she trills through the mists all the same for @Andromaque, @Agana; @Knife-Ear, @Kukutux@Phex, @Sativa; @Gracious:  I am in need of your counsel. A decision must be made

        When some, at least, had presumably gathered in the glen she had beckoned from:  "Before I ventured to make a claim upon ze Weald, I had been invited to ze settlement of Moonspear by its queen — a Hydra. Before, too, I left her premises, this very same queen requested that I acknowledge her as an even greater matriarch; that in being beneath her protection, our wolves must answer her herald in times of war. All this, should we remain in ze Wilderness that she hopes to conquer as her own.
        Fogfelled eyes went listless with some inner musing, voiced:  "It is not such a terrible request. I am not suited for queenship, as it were, even for this weald; her kith were nothing but hospitable to my person, then. And, yet ... she proposed an alternative; one I had not previously wondered at.

        And so, Andraste gave the she-wolves her lay of her own time with those of Diaspora; truthful, as far as to mention how their own members had dwindled, and that she had challenged the late Stigmata, and thusly been banished from that mountain lake. Hushed, however; kept from them her having been once-mother. ... She was no longer Aurëwen.

        Ze newly-made General, a Mahler, had come to Moonspear upon diplomatic affairs. As I had been familiar with him as well—”
        everywhere! — 
        “—ze queen suggested that, should I choose to not acknowledge her claim upon ze Wilderness, that I move my own closer to where ze General and his own reside."  A heart-keen; smothered!  "This is ... an unexpected suggestion, as well. An undecided one. While I am familiar with ze culture of ze Diasporans, there is no telling as to how our fealty will be received. Even so, they and theirs are not as ... unknown to my history as Moonspear is to my present.”

        Petit faerie, shorn spine and all, leveled argent half-sight to those who had come to her.  "It should not matter where our Court resides, earthshatter or none. But, who we entreat our services to, and what, precisely, we do, what-ever our cause may be — this matters. But ... ze choice is yours, as much as it is mine."

        To follow her, to curse her, to depart of this place, upon their own or within her company; it was their decision, in the end.

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Phex arrived quickly to Andraste's call. Easily joining the others she'd gathered. 
She listened to her internal predicament, but to Phex it was easy. She wouldn't bother moving to meet some other pack and reform to strangers wants when here was perfectly alright. Close to the only other person in the Teekons who didn't hate her and she didn't mind the woods despite it being the former home of the dark counterparts of Shadewood Keep.

"I wish to stay here. I know about Moonspear and I feel more comfortable here. But if we wish to go then I will not leave." She smiled softly, doing her best. Always doing her best to move on. It was over. This was new and it will stay new and happy and she could be the innocent, happy girl once again.

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        Agana entered the glen to see Andraste, and another female she had not met before. The silver summoned the Weald; and she, for that matter, answered the call. Her body laid close to the edge, between the two women.

        The idea of moving was definetly not what she had in mind upon this meeting; she thought by pledging herself to the silver, Agana no longer had to move. But she herself had been running away from the Weald quite often since her arrival. So moving — perhaps — was not such a bad thing.

        The silver’s suggestion of relocating was close to the realm of Diaspora; Agana was new here, and she had no knowledge of such names. Her expression turned blank; the woman was unsure of her feelings about this movement. But Andraste spoke true; it doesn’t matter where the Court resides. And so, she made up her mind.

        “No, it does not matter,” voice low like a whisper, golden gaze turned to Andraste. “If you decide to relocate the Court, then I shall follow you.”

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Lone Wolves

She was quiet amongst the others, perhaps due to the lingering feeling of unfamiliarity. Yet, she stood with them as if they were her own and listened to the dove that was in front of her. Gracious wasn't a strategist, she didn't think of things like this in terms of who could benefit and who could die. Yet, in this sort of time where the earth was continuing to crumble underneath her feet, she had no choice but to think in a way that would benefit hopefully not just herself, but others as well.

"I know not of this land," she chimed in softly, as her eyes glazed over the others around her, "nor the other wolves that inhabit it. But we should find an opportunity that fits us best. Being under the power of this hydra..." she paused, "may save us. But she can easily hurt us just as much. Politeness may only go so far until she calls upon us to spill our own blood against the enemies who we don't even know the names of." Survival is key at this moment, maintaining the lives of others while possible, finding fresh water and food. Fighting when they were too weak may as well be the end of the Court.

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