Emberwood rodents of unusual size
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These woods, he favored them tremendously over the marshes that he had become accustomed to prior to Ibis stepping into this new throne of hers. While the bogs were more along the lines of his upbringing, waterlogged vegetation with little mercy for the unprepared, Kukulkan would have to admit that all his survival tactics were focused on those bogs and marshes in more southern regions. In fact, the ones up here in the north fucking sucked.

But forests were largely the same, north or south, west or east. The trees changed, the scented breezes tickled different senses, but they were a testament to time and to diversity, adaptability. Towering canopies, supportive trunks, protection and production.

Emberwood was a fine home.

Though, there was one particular difference - the brats that lived inside, eager to escape the jaws of hungry predators. The towering pirate boy weaved through the edges of the woods, brushing his side against the trunks idly, his keen eyes slowly trailing a small cluster of squirrels as they quarrelled over some rations not too far away. They were fucking monsters. As fat as young pups, fluffed up and though terrified of their wolven rivals, they had enough cojones to mock from the branches.

Any other member of his seaside bloodline would've jumped to the first instinct of aggression - their objective would have been to slaughter that rodent at all costs.

As much as K was a Riccus, he had his own qualities.
Bright orange-red eyes oogled up from the base of the tree trunk, tail thwishing side to side and side to side. Ears stood forward and erect, a dumbass grin split across his face and his tongue lulled lazily from shiny fangs. "Oooooh and wha' th'fuck are youuu doin' up there, lil' bastard?" The ones down south were easily half their size, maybe even smaller, but were terribly more face-to-face in their aggression.

"If'n I find ya some nuts 'er somethin', will ya come down for some uhhh, questions?"
Yes. The giant, beastly son of the sea was sitting eagerly beneath a bitching squirrel, waiting for an exclusive, enlightening interview.

Oh the secrets from these northern wilds...


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The snow glittered in the daylight like tiny sparkling stars, the familiar sight was a happy one indeed. Elongated legs quietly tiptoed their way through the snow, like a deer, carefully placing each and every step as they moved along in the snow with ease despite their smaller toes. Hooves? Toes sounded better but they were indeed ungulates. 

The wisp wandered through the woods, everyone was so busy with other things, meanwhile, she felt more or less useless in a sense. Thankfully no one was sick, but her fear of the borders stopped her from even doing the simplest of patrolling tasks. Instead, she spent her days closer to the heart of the pack's lands, tending to her herbs to ensure there was no rot waiting for a poor unfortunate who wanted to nibble on their healing properties. 

It was a thankless job, tireless with all of the... handful of herbs. She had so much time on her paws that she didn't know what to do with it!

The chatter of squirrels that drew her in. Something had them vexed just enough for them to chatter loudly. What she saw was unusual but she smiled nonetheless. With grace, she sat behind the man who spoke the squirrels, a couple of wolflengths away as to not encroach on his personal space and watched with a tilted crown. The long tendrils of her plush fur swaying as they danced in the breeze. Can you truly speak squirrel? Her voice as pure as the song of chimes echoed softly in the breath of the wind.

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Grezig stumbled ungracefully upon the scene of two packmates staring up at some squirrels in a barren tree. One, the male, was trying to coerce them down with the promise of nuts. The other, a female, asked if he could really talk to squirrels. Grezig scoffed, staring at the both of them with a look on her face that suggested she thought they were insane. “Of course not,” she snapped. “No one can speak to squirrels.” She glanced up at the tree again, an eyebrow raised. “Are you hoping they’ll come down so you can eat them?” she asked the male. “I do not think they will do so. Not unless you really can find some nuts, or something else, to tempt them with. You would be better off hunting something on the ground.”

Having said her piece, she looked between the two wolves, wanting to see if they’d continue with their ridiculous notion that they could speak to squirrels.
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The bickering of the little rodents seemed almost the sharp chorus, a wonderful tune to his ears that egged on his excitement until he was left standing there, up against the tree with his tail wagging like a fool.

Had it not been for her speaking up, Kukulkan would not have noticed Reiko's gentle approach - the very serious mission of investigating and questioning these singing squirrels consumed his attention. But that soft delicate voice pulled his attention away, red-orange eyes turning to set upon her white frame. "Gods if only huh? Speakin' squirrel'd pro'bly help me get 'em down hah!" Oh goodness wouldn't that be the best? It'd make a lot of his more, well, stupid ambitions easier.

The other attendee wasn't quite as enthusiastic about this whole endeavor, and his smile weakened ever so slightly as she continued. "Well now, I wouldn' say no one if ya can't prove it." All it took was one fucker chatting with the little rodents to prove her wrong, after all! "Nahhhh I just need'ta ask 'em some stuffs." But at the mention of how to bring them down, his ears perked back up, his eyes twinkling and lips parting into the biggest, dumbest grin, "SHIT YEAH! Do ya know where t'find some nuts? Tha'd be PERFECT, I could finally get all th'juicy deets from these li'l bastards hah!"

The small critters were his favorite - they always seemed to be so attentive, so energetic and quick to act, quick to react. He wanted, no, he needed to know how their little minds ticked. How they survived such treacherous terrains when their size seemed to inhibit them, right? Yet they prospered, in massive numbers. "I'ma big fan of th'small critters y'know? Birds, hares 'n such. Ev'ry day I come up wi' new questions fer 'em!"

Ever the explorer, ever the adventurer, Kukulkan needed to know.

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