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The wounds he'd sustained in the battle were mending slowly, just like the wounds that had sent him out of the wilds in the first place. His flesh was torn and bloody, and while some of the blows had landed on parts of his body that were already tough with scar tissue, Firefly knew he'd have more in the coming days. He was thankful for @Erzulie though. Whenever he could find the energy to be on his feet, Firefly would patrol the beach for things to bring her — mostly to replenish her stock of medicinal ingredients, occasionally a shard of sea glass or well formed bit of shell — at least to keep his mind off of his own healing. The wolves of the cliff had done a number on him. If he wanted to be useful he'd need to take time to rest and recover, but Firefly was too agitated following their return to just sit around. Thus he roamed, but today he found nothing of value upon their beach.
January 14, 2019, 11:46 PM
staying vague

        she had come, only to say she could not stay.
        she had returned; departure on her lips.
        erzulie was filled with pain and with rage. the worst of her wounds had healed further; walking was not so difficult now, and the slashes about her face and neck delivered by drageda's blackbear had faded into more scars. but she took no notice of them, for by turns was her heart rife with bitterness, and then heavy with sorrow.
        the scarred firefly wandered the sands, and though erzulie could only think of being alone, the harlot limped down to join him, lips tightening in something like a smile of greeting before her muzzle lowered to mimic what he was doing.

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Yesterday, 02:40 PM
He hobbled along until he was too frustrated by his own body to move, and stood glaring out towards the sea. Firefly couldn't remember most of the battle that had commenced around him. He tried to think back on it, and could bring to mind the images of the group stealing through the forest — the commands of Caiaphas — the flash of light in the dark clouds as he was set upon, the anticipatory tension of two forces colliding — and then, somehow, they had been back here. His wounds dripping with blood or mashed poultices. It was unsettling to think that something happened while he was unaware; maybe he'd merely been knocked in the head, or the events were so intense that he just couldn't focus.

Something shifted behind him, and he tore his mind away from those thoughts - looked askance at the approaching body, and recognized Erzulie. They had not returned with Rosalyn. The failure was a shared wound among those of Rusalka, and Firefly worried. His snout descended towards the sand again, and he nosed around the soil without saying anything - not knowing what to say, really - until a gleam caught his eye. With a careful snatch with his teeth he pulled something free from the wet sand, and tossed it towards her.

It wasn't a shell like he'd expected, but a tiny gleaming bone.