Stone Circle Together from Afar
Trade  June 29, 2020, 02:44 PM
West Tyree
for @Valette <3 tracker thread, tagging another for reference we rolled already for outcome :)

The woodland boy had tried to take it easy in the time that followed the cougar attack. Shortly after the unfortunate event, two troublesome wolves had threatened the safety of their lands once more. In the end, he had managed to chase them off but it wasn't without injury. West had done his best to keep anyone from worrying about him, the wounds ached but they seemed fine enough. He would be fine, there were others who needed the attention right now. His wounds had scabbed over in the weeks that followed and thick fur did a good job hiding the tears in his skin. Everything had become a mess, but with the upped border patrols he turned his attention elsewhere.

Despite the tragedy, there were still kids to feed. Being the food-loving wolf he was, he was no stranger to how a famine would horribly affect anyone, especially the new pups. He was forced to go through one himself and he was determined to keep them from suffering the same. Game was almost easier than patrolling for sometimes it only required him to sit still until an opportunity arose. His mother's advice never left his mind though, he knew it was just as important to watch the numbers. That's why today the male sprawled out atop the grassy hill that overlooked the herd of great beasts.

With the passing time, several young had entered the herd. Just as his mother has said, the pregnant ones offered new additions very much like their own pack. For the most part, the herd seemed to thrive, but he was able to make out one near the middle. It seemed slow, perhaps old or sick. Maybe a hunt would do the pack well, but they had also lost several adults be it to death, injury, or grief.

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