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All Welcome  December 08, 2018, 12:53 PM
        Coelacanth, Koi, and @Sixgill fanned out to comb the northwestern coastline, stopping periodically to rest or forage. There was a lot of, “Yes, go ahead and eat that,” and, “No, definitely don’t eat that,” commentary, but the ongoing dialogue was entirely nonverbal. Seelie had learned from her mistake of trying to keep the guppies too sheltered, but she was still overprotective and somewhat neurotic about losing them. The rules were simple (because puppies have problems with complexities):

        a. always stay in view of the ocean
        b. if you get separated, down-stay

        Once Thresher was found, Seelie and Stockholm could start belatedly teaching the Six about basic navigation. Together, they could comb the coast and find their own unique landmarks to help guide them home. It was a rosy dream, but Coelacanth was either too optimistic or too dumb to disbelieve even for a second that it’d come true.

December 08, 2018, 02:08 PM
Lone Wolves

        she had not expected to come this far again, where drageda reared against the skies forebodingly. erzulie, ever a proud beast, had never forgiven the wocha for his regard of herself and rosalyn. and they had not needed the pack after all, forging their own way forth and aligning with the former redhawk woman and her children.
        now the harlot hunted along the bluff, searching for the small mammals that burrowed beneath the snow this time of year. her pelt had grown thick in response to winter, and provided a barrier to the lash of cold winds rising from the sea. her muzzle low to the earth, erzulie did not immediately note the figure in the distance, and when she did, it was to admire the shape of the dark creature; slimly built, with curious tufts to their raised ears. the two children that followed did not hold erzulie's interest as firmly, and soon she turned away from all three to continue her search for food beneath the drifts.

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December 08, 2018, 03:24 PM
Moorhen had combed most of this section of the coast by now, and was doubling back to see if she had missed anything, or if Thresher had turned up in her absence. However, it was not the missing child that she came across, but Coelacanth and the remainder of her brood. Two if them, at least. The banded woman strode toward them on swift, determined paws, giving the strange woman a gimlet stare as she rejoined her family.

Still no Treasure? she said to Coelacanth, her voice gruff and low with tension. Her hawkish gaze could not meet the cerulean of her Aralez, but swept over the heads of Undersea's youth.

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