Blackfeather Woods now there's a look in your eyes like black holes in the sky
All Welcome  July 13, 2019, 11:14 PM
Blackfeather Woods
Where is he?

Maegi entered the whelping den, snarling, bristling, and off her head on jimson weed. She had a sprig of the stuff in her teeth and kept it there, away from her curious children. In the dim light, and in her addled state of mind, @Parvati looked nothing less than a demon, a blue-eyed monster. Someone who had brought her whole world to ruin and felt no remorse for it.

She shoved her muzzle into the right corner of the woman's lips, trying to force the plant inside the other's mouth. Eat this. Now. She would prod and prod until Parvati relented, then would step back, looming over and glaring down at the milk-sack.

For Ramsay was gone, and she knew it was Parvati's doing. Her brother would have never willingly left her. He would've stayed. He would have stayed. . .

Once the weed had been ingested, Maegi would force Parvati to her paws. @Abraxas was nearby, able to watch the children for a spell (she trusted him, enough for this at least). Then, with snapping jaws, she'd herd the woman out into the moonlight, the thin beams that managed to escape the forest's black abyss of a canopy. 

Come on, she commanded in a hiss, mouth twisted cruelly as she pushed the other on the path toward Nightcaller Temple. We're going to go talk to Sithis.

Intended for Parvati, but others/cameos welcome!