Whitefish River BWP: If you'll be my star, I'll be your sky
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Would love @Evergreen, @Ira or maybe @Firefly for the drama if any of you has time!

Every now and again, Dragomir would awake to the sound of distant rumbling. His ears would always perk up before his eyes opened, but the groaning of the earth never failed to drive the sleep from him. They lasted only seconds at a time with nothing more but the rapid wing beats of fleeing birds to make them noteworthy, but every tremor sent a lance of foreboding through him. He didn't know what it was, but there was something wrong.

This, in turn, motivated him to work harder at regaining his ability to walk. His one mended hind leg was still too weak to support his weight for longer than a couple of seconds without another wolf supporting him, but Dragomir still attempted to stand several times each and every day, often coinciding with the tremors. It was a great ordeal every single time. His shoulders and forelegs had to bear the brunt of his weight, and they simply weren't strong enough to compensate for the lack of muscle in his rear end. He often managed to lift himself quaking on the balls of his feet and could even pivot his healed leg beneath him in spite of its stiffness, but it always ended with him collapsing forward on his chest, jerking the other hind leg painfully (but nowhere near as painfully as when it was freshly broken).

Which was exactly where he was now, having pitched forward with a shrill yelp during his latest attempt to stand while the earth rumbled ominously beneath him.

Thread titles from Boats and Birds by Gregory and the Hawk.
September 13, 2019, 11:49 PM
He had returned with the others after the initial shock of a quaking earth, and resumed his duties. The rumbling hadn't lasted long and it had been distant even so, leading Firefly to think less and less of the possible danger around Kaistleoki. It was better to keep busy anyway; if anything were to go wrong then they would need every able body to compensate. The season may have just shifted from summer in to autumn, but that was another thing to consider - it would soon be too cold and sparse for hunting smaller game, and the pack would need more supplies before then.

It was Firefly's plan to winter here at the very least, and to do that he'd need to be useful. Having given his word that he would keep his head down and keep busy (while also avoiding Vercingetorix and whatever spawn he'd created), Firefly wasn't about to go back on his word nor incur the wrath of the former Dragedan; let old rivalries die, or at least stagnate, until a better time. With these thoughts in mind (or at least considered somewhere in the man's brain, however vague) Firefly got to work trailing after the scent of yet another pest.

He was crossing by a section of the territory he hadn't been to before when he heard a sharp call, and paused. As he lurched to a stop Firefly realized the earth hadn't quite finished - he felt a distinct sense of vertigo, feeling as if the ground was rolling and curling, his equilibrium fluctuating dramatically enough to make him duck and side-step, at which point the rumbling ebbed away. It took a moment before Firefly felt confident enough to stand up properly - and even then, his hindquarters were tense and vibrating softly. He shook the nerves from his body with a toss of his shoulders (down to his hips), and then remembered - that yelp!

Hey - someone here? He hadn't looked around much until that point, and finally took notice of a hollow where - he presumed anyway - someone was hiding out. The scent of Vercingetorix was stronger here which put Firefly on-edge, but if he was going to be of any use, he may as well start now. Ducking towards the entryway, Firefly's eyes took a moment to adjust, and he saw (or thought he saw) a skinny mini-Vercingetorix, and did a double-take, because, Ah, hell, you're another one of his aren't you? At this rate he'd lose his other eye for sure.
September 13, 2019, 11:56 PM
Ninja'd! I hope you don't mind Eve, too

The rumbles are growing frequent. Their cause unknown, and at first he thought @Dawn might’ve been corrected, with a slide in the nearby mountains causing the commotion. But it certainly could not be repeated so often, right? His round ears twitch—a deep frown becoming typical of the bearish Count who often loved to smile. He worries, for winter is soon upon them too, and Kavik’s warning of a coyote pack that took out his own last winter haunts him.

Once more, the ground begins to shift. Wandering near the Cave when he hears a yelp, Evergreen is torn out of his thoughts—concerned for the safety of either Dragomir or Speedy’s children. He knows from Ira of Aurë’s departure, and is uncertain what to make of it—for he would never have allowed one of his own to traverse to a pack in terms of seeking an “alliance”. Kaistleoki may wish to branch and meet with various packs, but he shall not accept allies without seeing how serious the other pack is for himself.

He rushes over to the Cave, ignoring the fear that prickles at the darkness of it for the sake of making sure everyone is okay. Another wolf is already at the scene. One he has yet to meet, and he glances at him cautiously. Speedy? He calls out, keeping an eye out for any rocks that may have fallen. His eyes lock upon a dark patch, however, and the Count startles—freezing. ... D-Dragomir? Is that you? Are you alright?