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Tradesman V
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        or go?

arcturus had been away from the spear for over a week. his inviolable sense of duty and purpose kept him anchored to the idea he would return as soon as he was healed -- but as the days passed and his grief took on a darker, angrier shape, arcturus wondered if he would be better served never returning home.

and was it home? could he truly live in a realm where his brother had been killed by his queen? and could he honestly bend under her will after all she had done?

bit by bit, hydra's image in his mind was growing into something vivid and grotesque. he had always known she was a killer -- but he had never thought she would kill one of their own. having that lens focused so uncomfortably close to his own stirred emotions of great unease in the ostrega, who was finding day by day his ties to the spear were dissolving.

but what of dragomir, and dirge, and osiris? of jarilo, moriko, nikai, atlas -- the wolves he loved, and the wolves he could not let down. would they understand? would they turn their back to him, or turn upon him like hydra had turned upon revui? and if hydra had not turned on revui and cut the life out from him, could arcturus live with being manipulated so callously by one that was supposed to hold his trust dear?

heavy thoughts for a tired mind. arcturus found his eyelids drooping against his will. a numbing sense of exhaustion crept over him, and the beta's wounded head rested upon his thick forelimbs as his breath gradually grew deeper.

when you come down to take me home
send my soul away